Why I Love My $34 Timex Sport Watch

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There have never been more options for fancy sport watches. You’ve got smart ones that sync to your phone and high-tech ones that show your heart rate — and yet you can keep those fancy wrist pieces, because I don’t want anything more than my $34 Timex Ironman.

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This is a watch that has one purpose: to help me time myself while I’m out running. It counts down or up, and if I really want to get fancy, it lets me check my split times or set an alarm. That’s it! And its simplicity is one of the things I love the most about it — I didn’t need to read a 74-page manual or connect it to Wifi before using.

Besides being mercifully disconnected from the web, the super-large display makes my heart sing. I love running intervals, and I can glance down in the middle of a sprint and see exactly how many seconds I have left before I can dial it down. And its rubber buttons? Don’t get me started. There’s just something really rewarding about pushing a big button to start and end a run.

Then there’s its durability. Since the watch isn’t too technologically advanced, I think it’s less likely to break (that’s just a theory, don’t hold me to it). It has this great sturdiness to it, and since it’s water-resistant, I don’t need to worry about my sweat gumming up the works. I had my previous Timex Ironman for nine years and when the strap finally broke (the watch itself was still going strong), I just replaced it with the newer version of the exact same watch. Best $34 I spent all year. [$34; timex.com]

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