Why the Best TV Viewing Experience Is on an OLED TV

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There’s a pretty good chance that the television or TVs in your house or apartment serve as the epicenter of your entertainment.

They’re how you binge and stream your favorite TV shows with your favorite people. They’re how you watch live events. They’re how you play your video games, often online with friends, which helps you stay in touch.

It’s also likely that in recent times you’ve been spending a lot more time at home than you generally do—and that you’ve been getting more screen time in than ever before. That makes the quality of your TV pretty important, and if you’re looking to upgrade to the best possible viewing experience out there on the market, an OLED TV, powered by self-lit pixels, is far and away the winner you’ve been searching for.

And LG has mastered the super-innovative technology.

What exactly is OLED?

lg oled
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“OLED” stands for “organic light-emitting diode,” which, put simply, means they have the pretty unique ability to produce both light and color from a single diode (which is an electrical component that conducts current, used to help many devices function).

Because of this, each pixel of an OLED TV, like the LG GX 77 inch Class with Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV, is a self-contained source of both light and color, powered by self-lit pixels—and they don’t need to use a backlight.

So, what does that mean, really?

lg oled
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Essentially, because they’re powered by self-lit pixels, you get both a better picture with an OLED screen than you can get from the traditional TV screen—and you also get the sleekest TV design.

And if you happen to be a gamer, LG OLED TVs were the first G-SYNC compatible televisions on the market. G-SYNC is a technology that allows gamers to play as fast as their game will allow them while still maintaining a flawlessly crisp and clear picture. G-SYNC compatible support enhances the immersive gaming experience by eliminating the flickering, tearing or stuttering that is common while gaming on most displays.

The power of self-lit pixels

LG OLED TVs are powered by 8.3 million individually self-lit pixels.

Yeah, that’s a lot of pixels, to say the least. And each one does its job, delivering perfect black and intense, captivating color—leading to a lot of visual detail and a pretty astounding and unprecedented picture quality and viewing experience.

Blacker is better

lg oled
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The blacker your TV can go, the better the overall image quality. This might initially seem counterintuitive, but it actually makes perfect sense. Black has an enormous impact on picture quality, since darkness and shadow are pivotal aspects that factor into framing many shots. Essentially, a color comes off as more vibrant when it’s placed next to a perfectly black pixel.

OLED TVs, as a result of their being powered by self-lit pixels (the picture quality gift that keeps on giving, it seems), produce not only intense color, but what LG calls a “perfect black.” When the TV is on, you can see it. But when it’s off, it emits absolutely no light. This ultimately contributes to the quality of the blackness, which combines with other colors to truly bring out their richness, uncover hidden details and truly complete the picture quality. For example, if you’re watching a darker scene, the perfect black and infinite contrast work together to bring out shadow detail, making for a crisper and more visually stunning presentation, with more vibrant and intense color.

The best of the best

lg oled
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LG touts a vast selection of OLED TVs that come with different features and capabilities, and in different sizes, but among the best is the LG GX 77 inch Class with Gallery Design 4K Smart OLED TV. It’s one of the world’s best-selling model for a reason—or plenty of them. Like any LG OLED TV, it makes the most of all its millions of OLED pixels, and at 77 inches it’s at a size that helps make your viewing and gaming experiences more immersive than you may have ever previously imagined.

And it’s not just about a next-level viewing experience—though for most of us, that’s the main thing we’re looking for. The TV’s art-inspired gallery design also makes it an aesthetically pleasing piece in any room, even when it’s turned off. It’s designed to be ultra-slim with perfect lines and a wildly thin bezel, so it can be mounted flush to the wall without a gap*, kind of like a picture frame, so it’ll fit well with your home’s interior design.

It is, without exception, the perfect TV for you to truly perfect your viewing experience, whatever you’re watching or playing. And you can find out more or make the move to upgrade here.

*Depending on installation environment, there may be a slight gap between the TV and the wall


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