Why we chose the new SPY Legacy snow goggle this season

It’s official, ski/snowboard season is underway. And as resorts across the country recently began spinning their lifts, skiers and snowboarders rejoice with hopes that we might once again enjoy waist-deep powder and countless face shots from another record-breaking season like last year.

This also means that it’s officially time to gear up.

And one piece of gear that can often go overlooked when it comes to freshening your kit each year, is your goggles. With so many brands pumping fresh new frames with astronaut-like lenses riddled with the latest technology to keep your retinas from frying after eight hours lapping the park, it can be challenging to decide which ones would be the best fit.

This season, we opted for the latest flagship goggle from SPY: The Legacy Snow Goggle with Happy Lens ($230) … And we’re so stoked we did.

Why we chose it

The SPY Legacy just looks so darn good. Photo: JP Van Swae

The Legacy’s styling just looks so classic, that we had to get a pair on our face. As the name implies, the Legacy features a bit of a throwback, old-school style with all of the new-school technology you’d expect from a tried-and-true brand like SPY.

And the Happy Lens caught our eye immediately, just looking like something out of an Apollo mission, SPY boasts that it provides “enhanced color, contrast and optical clarity.” (And it doesn’t hurt that it just looks so nice while doing so.)

Why we liked it

Right out of the box and onto our face, the Legacy fit so soft and snug (as do most brand new goggles these days). However, where the Legacy surpassed our expectations were with its field of view. SPY states that the Legacy offers their widest peripheral view of any goggle in their fleet, and we’d humbly agree.

The next feature that really got us frothing was their new fingerprint-free Lock Steady 2.0 quick change lens system. What this employs are two clips on each side of the goggle that simply disengage with the a push of a button. This eliminates the hassle of fiddling with and bending your frames to pop out the old lens and pry in the new one. (And the anti-fog and anti-scratch protection only furthered our stoke on the Legacy.)

Tester tip

The Lock Steady 2.0 quick change lens system makes changing lenses oh-so simple. Photo: JP Van Swae

Don’t forget about the included free premium bonus lens inside the package. With the Lock Steady 2.0 system in place, changing lenses has never been easier. Where many snowboarders may have once been too lazy to swap lenses based on weather each day, you’ll likely be interchanging your lenses more than you ever had before (and SPY hooks you up with an extra premium lens right out of the gate).

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