5 Reasons We Love the Bollinger B1, the First-Ever Sport Utility Truck

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Bollinger B1

When it comes to envisioning the future of off-road adventures, look no further than the new all-electric Bollinger B1. In fact, the heavy-duty truck, touted as the first all-electric Sport Utility Truck, is arguably one of the most exciting EVs we’ve come across to date. And here are five of the biggest reasons why.

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1. It was born on a farm.

 Unlike most EVs centered around city commutes, the Bollinger B1 grew out of a need for an off-road vehicle capable of handling the rugged terrain in the Catskill Mountains, says the new company’s founder Robert Bollinger. The rural New York State area, where Bollinger owns a farm, also served as the primary development grounds for the B1, which gives the truck a more authentic connection to the environment.

2. It’s all truck. 

Despite the fact that the Bollinger B1 is all electric, it’s still all truck as well. The 360-horsepower, all-wheel-drive SUT has a payload capacity of 6,100 lbs., which is roughly double the max payload capacity of the award-winning Ram truck. But the heart of the B1 lies in its 472- lb-ft. of torque that gives it instant power off the line as an EV. Bollinger says that the design of the vehicle’s battery pack compartment enhances the SUT’s off-road capability as well, because it gives the truck a lower sense of gravity.

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3. It’s build for the long haul.

 Not only does the Bollinger B1 pack truck capabilities, but it also has a driving range of 200 miles on a full charge when equipped with the 100kWh lithium ion battery pack option. The SUT has an 0-60 mph time of 4.5 seconds, which is only a few fractions of a second slower that a Ford Mustang. Of course, most will never need that kind of break-away speed in a heavy-duty vehicle. Still, it’s a noteworthy point for an all-electric truck.

4. It happily sees itself as the “anti-Tesla.”

 Nearly every all-electric vehicle stakes some claim on how it’s either better or equal to a Tesla in some way. The B1, however, makes no apologies for being an “anti-Tesla” EV or what Robert Bollinger specifically describes as a more usable option to the luxury sedan or compact gas-free cars. When the B1 goes on sale in late 2018, it will be offered in a two-door truck like the one pictured and a four-door model for those in need of even more practicality in an electric vehicle.

5. It promises to be affordable.* The Bollinger B1 might hold some clout in the world of EVs as the first all-electric SUT. But it won’t carry the high price tag typically associated with specialty vehicles, according to company officials. The truck is expected to have annual production run of 5,000 units, which will keep the B1’s cost right in line with “a nicely equipped” SUV, says Bollinger. 

*But we haven’t seen the exact price yet. 

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