Why You’re Not Losing Weight With a Fancy Fitness Tracker

Main how effective are fitness trackers

Here’s how to put that $150 you spent on your brand new FitBit Charge, or any fitness tracker, to work.

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Also buy one for your girl, your bro, or if you’re really feeling nice, your sibling. A new study suggests social engagement and positive feedback from your fitness device’s community are more effective than fiddling with the thing alone. The fitness tracker can be your friend, but only if you have real friends to motivate that smart watch and your smartass to get moving.

According to researchers at UPenn, using the device alone is not enough to build a healthy habit, and could be the reason why you haven’t seen the fat come off.

“Ultimately, it’s the engagement strategies—the combinations of individual encouragement, social competition and collaboration, and effective feedback loops—that connect with human behavior,” UPenn researchers say.

The bottom line: Use your friends to lose weight, use your smart watch to track the process. 

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