The New Yeti SB140 Is a Trail Machine That’s Built to Rip

The Yeti SB140 in action
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If your ideal day on a bike involves picking through rock gardens to find your own line, sprinting up singletrack and rallying back down in hot pursuit of your friends and an animated round of high fives at the end of the day, Yeti just made a bike for you. The SB140 is a trail/enduro machine with 140 mm of rear suspension travel, 160 mm of travel up front, and 27.5-inch wheels, and it’s made for riders who love to rip.

The SB140 is an overhaul of the brand’s SB5. It has updated kinematics, like a longer reach, a steeper seat tube angle, and a slacker head tube angle—some of the same specs that Yeti introduced in its 29ers last year and in its coil-shock SB165 this year. The new geometry makes brutal, switchbacking climbs feel, well, not that bad.

The Yeti SB140, in turquoise
The Yeti SB140, in turquoise Courtesy Image

Even better, descents on this bike pinned the stoke meter at awesome. Yeti spec’d the 140 with a Fox Factory 36 front fork on the top-end Turq builds and a Fox Performance 36 on the Carbon builds instead of the flexier Fox 34 featured on the SB5. In addition, the 140’s double-barrel rear shock is a serious upgrade from the SB5’s single-barrel DPS on long, rowdy downhills. The new bike comes with a Fox Factory (on Turq builds) or a Fox Performance (on Carbon builds) DPX2 shock that, in tandem with Yeti’s Switch Infinity system (a translating pivot located just above the bottom bracket), absorbed rough trails exceptionally well. Whether we were rolling through mats of East Coast roots or Slovenian rock gardens, the suspension felt bottomless.

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Because of the superb standover height, it was easy to move this bike around in roots and rocks, which meant plenty of airing off hits, landing drops, tail whipping, and railing corners. We smashed singletrack with a serious pucker factor, and flew down flow trail. Almost every ride felt like the best one of the season.

The Yeti SB140
The Yeti SB140 Courtesy Image

And that’s what’s most special about this bike—the hooting and hollering fun factor. Yes, this bike is fast—smaller 27.5 wheels accelerate like wildfire. But from the U.S. to Europe, everyone who tried this bike finished the ride with a smile on their face after experiencing its combo of stability and playfulness. It gave riders confidence to push their limits and try new things.

Each bike brand has a personality and a set of skills. This bike joins other Yetis in handling anything you throw at it on descents with finesse, and then climbing back up efficiently for the next lap, feature, or segment. On top of that, Yetis now come with a lifetime warranty and a formal invitation to Yeti Tribe gatherings in the U.S. and abroad—so you’ll have plenty of new friends to ride with.

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