Your Go-To First-Aid Kit for Outdoor Action Sports

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Twenty-five dollars is a small price to pay for relief on the trails, on race day, or when pain strikes during a summer road trip. That’s where MedZone’s Activity PAK ($25 at Amazon) comes in handy. It’s loaded with everything you need to safeguard yourself after a scrape, burn, or some other unexpected incident this summer.

Each kit (PAK stands for “Personnel Activity Kit,” if you’re curious) comes with BlisterZone, BurnZone, ChafeZone, and PainZone — topical analgesic roll-ons all — to help prevent and mend common problems you may encounter when a medicine cabinet isn’t in arm’s reach. We’re particularly into BurnZone ($6 if purchased separately), a savior for helping with ailments ranging from sunburn and scrapes to minor insect bites and windburn. And when blisters act up, it’s worth having an extra BlisterZone (below, $9) on hand, which applies swiftly and helps prevent the nuisance in the first place.

It doesn’t replace a first-aid kit, but if you plan on being active this (or any) weekend, you could take a nasty spill this summer, so buy one now to have ready for your next race or outdoors outing. And a friendly reminder: Now’s probably a good time to take that first aid class.

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