Your Heart Could Protect Your Gadgets

Your Heart Could Protect Your Gadgets

The key to a woman’s heart might be love, passion, or maybe flowers. But forget all that because technology just made your heart the key to your car.  

Remember the old lovers’ cliché about hearts beating as one? Apparently that’s impossible because everyone’s heart beats differently. Those differences can be measured, and now a tech startup wants to use those measurements as a super-secure passcode for almost anything.

The Nymi is a mini electrocardiogram – worn around the wrist – that can identify a user based on their heartbeat. With added motion sensors and Bluetooth technology, it has the capability to open your devices only when you are around.

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A slick introductory video on the device’s website envisions a day when your heart can start a car, turn on the TV, or buy things at a store.

“Like a fingerprint, your heartbeat is unique,” the site says. “The Nymi tells the world, you are you, allowing you to securely communicate your identity to all of your favorite devices.”

The product looks almost impossible to hack because it requires a thrumming heart to function properly. We say “almost” though with hopes that a forthcoming bank heist movie weaves in a plot about extracting a still-beating heart to break into a vault. 

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