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Legal Disclaimer
If your product or service was selected to be “Men’s Journal Approved Gear Lab” by us, this policy is designed to help you use our “Men’s Journal Approved Gear Lab” badge (the “Badge”) on your website and on social media such as Facebook and Twitter so that you can share this news with your customers without having to worry about negotiating a separate agreement with us.  Men’s Journal’s Brand Assets include, but are not limited to, the Men’s Journal name, logo, content, and the Badge (together, the “Brand Assets”).  If you’d like to make any use of our Brand Assets that is not covered by this document, you must contact us at and include a visual mockup of intended use. Further, any use of our Brand Assets in broadcast or in print, such as advertising, or in television or film production, must be approved by us in writing prior to use, please contact for permission. You may not use the Badge on any products or on packaging, or on any other product or service other than the product expressly reviewed and designated as “Men’s Journal Approved Gear Lab” by Men’s Journal.

You may not modify or alter the Badge or use it in a confusing or disparaging way, including suggesting a partnership with Men’s Journal or using the Badge in a way that confuses Men’s Journal with another brand.  You may not present the Badge in a way that makes it the most distinctive or prominent feature on your site, or combine our Badge with your own name or mark or any generic terms. You may not attempt to get rights in the Badge, the Brand Assets, or any confusingly similar approximations, whether by trademark registration, domain name registration, or otherwise.

By using the Men’s Journal marks you agree to follow the above as well as our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  Men’s Journal reserves the right to cancel, modify, change or revoke the permission in this policy at any time at its sole discretion. For further information about use of Men’s Journal name and trademarks, please contact All rights are reserved. You acknowledge that this does not create or vest in you any right, title or interest in or to the Brand Assets, and all uses by you of the Badge shall inure to the benefit of Men’s Journal LLC.

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