You’re Tying Your Shoes Wrong

man tying shoe
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Trust us, you’re probably tying your shoes wrong. Here are tips to make sure they stay secure and hold your foot tight.

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Heel Locked
Ever wonder what that extra eyelet is actually for? It’s to create a heel lock for a tighter fit. Make a loop on each side of your ankle using the top two holes, then pass each loose end through the opposite loop. When you pull the ends tight, friction between the laces keeps the collar of your shoe closed.

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No Granny Knots
Do you have to resort to double knots to keep your laces from coming undone? The culprit is a weak granny knot. This simple tweak will give you a stronger reef knot that won’t come undone easily: Start by reversing which lace you cross over the top in the first step of your knot — so if you usually lay the left end over the right, do the opposite. Then pull the ends tight and complete your bow as usual.

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