Zippy Cycling Gear on a Budget


Buying bike clothing used to mean choosing between pieces that were either aesthetically pleasing or affordable. The recent resurgence, however, in both casual and competitive cycling has brought with it a crop of companies making technical wear that’s as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes.

One of our favorites is Twin Six. Based in the bicycle mecca of Minneapolis, Twin Six has been building reasonably priced cycling garb that looks as good as anything else on the market, at any price, since 2004. The company ushered in the argyle print renaissance a few years back, which has since been copied ad nauseam, and its aesthetic continues to evolve. Color-wise, Twin Six’s garments run from multi-hued combos (without ever being loud) to near-monochromatic mixes. Short sleeve jerseys are $80 and printed bib shorts cost $100. And those Jerseys are 100% American made: The fabric is created in North Carolina and sewn together in California. The bib shorts are built with fabric, gripper, and chamois from Italy, but are also sewn in the Golden State.

The big shift for the 2013 tech line is full zippers on everything for maximum ventilation, but they still retain the same aesthetic. Some of our favorites are the Grand Prix, Speedy Amsterdam, and Sid’s Bib Shorts. Regardless, you’d be hard-pressed to find a T6 jersey you wouldn’t be excited to wear. And on-bike performance of all Twin Six’s apparel is nearly on par with pricier garments that cost $200 to $300. Call it form, fashion, and function on an Ikea budget.

In short, similar to some of Minnesota’s best exports of yore – Prince, The Replacements, and Bob Dylan – Twin Six rocks and has a track record of withstanding the test of time. []

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