Best Pullup Bars for Home Use: Doorways, Wall Mounts, Free Standing

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When it comes to working out from home in the year of our lord 2022, you need to take how much space you have into account. If you got an apartment in NYC for example, chances are you won’t be getting a full-sized gym in your place. You gotta work with what you got. But you don’t need to sacrifice efficiency when it comes to saving space. Because you can pick up an item like a pull-up bar to get yourself a really sick workout in.

A pull-up bar is a pretty self-explanatory piece of workout equipment. It’s a bar you set up in the home wherever you can that allows you to grab hold and pull yourself up. But for as simple as it is, it can give you quite the variety in terms of workouts. Especially since it can do more than jump simple pull-ups, especially if you get one that’s a little more elaborate.

As is the case with any purchase you’re going to make, especially when it comes to the ever-expanding home gym market, you need to keep some things in mind when you go looking. And that is definitely true with pullup bars. Some of these things you need to look into are as such:


Types Of Home Pullup Bars

There are a few different types of pullup bars to choose from:

  • Doorway – These extend the length of a standard door frame. They’re inexpensive and simple.
  • Wall-mounted –These bolt onto either a wall or ceiling and are generally the most stable kind of pullup bar. They also vary widely in cost. Inexpensive ones can be found for less than fifty bucks; sturdier options can cost several hundred.
  • Freestanding – Tall, freestanding devices with a stable (and usually somewhat large) footprint. They’re ideal for guys with garages or a dedicated home gym space.
  • Outdoor – Similar to Tower, these are made to go outside and withstand the elements so you can get a pump in with the sun on your face
  • Suspension Trainer – Using hooks and pulleys and suspension bands, you can hook these up anywhere to get a workout without needing to screw anything in


What Features Do They Have

Now, some of these pull-up bars are very simple. Just a horizontal tube that you grab with your hands in various positions to hit different muscle groups. But since there are some different types of bars you can get, there are different features you can find.

Now, there are some bars that are more elaborate. Instead of just having a single tube extending across your doorway or whatnot, it has more extensions to it, like this Titan Fitness model. There are more ways for you to use the bar, thus giving you even more options when it comes to how you work your upper body out.

You also need to look into how strong they are. You don’t wanna get a bar that can’t handle your weight and the resistance you throw at it. This also means you need to look into how it connects to the wall and how sturdy it is. This all accounts for the safety and efficacy of your workout. If you can’t go as hard as you can when you’re using it, then you won’t get the best results.

There needs to be a look at what kinda grip the bars have. Some of them are just simple metal bars that won’t hurt your hands too badly, but won’t give you the kinda support you would want with the kinda bars that are made with foam handles. The more comfortable and secure your hands are, the better the workout.


Average Price Point

You also are gonna want to take pricing into account. When it comes to workout gear, these can be some of the least expensive around. You can get the simple bars that hook up to the frame of your door for around $20 to $30. But you can spend a little more money on them for the more elaborate models.

More expensive models, from ones that get drilled into the walls or have more extensions or even standing towers, can go from anywhere from $50 to $150.


What Other Benefits Do You Get

Using a pull up bar is obviously a great way to build muscle. Upper body muscles in particular, but lower body if you got the flexibility or you’re using suspension trainers to get the workout done. But you can also find yourself losing some weight. That’s because it’s going to burn fat while you do so.

As founder of BuiltLean, Marc Perry says, “It keeps your core engaged to help protect your lower back and maximizes full-body tension.” Fat in your back and fat in your core. And from there, weight will disappear and you’ll get into much better shape.


Pullup Accessories and Beginner Tips

If you are getting started on a pull-up routine, there are some accessories and tips you need to keep in mind. For one, you should probably get yourself some gloves or workout powder. That way you don’t do any real damage to your hands and your grip stays strong throughout, giving you the best workout and you’ll minimize your risk of slipping and hurting yourself.

You can also get suspension trainers or resistance bands to help you get started. These can help alleviate the full weight of your body while you do your workouts, thus letting you slowly work up to taking your full weight. Because you may not be ready to go full hog on a pull/chin-up workout with your whole weight. Work up to it with these in tow.

Just understanding your limits is key. Like with any workout, you don’t want to go too hard too fast. It will only end up hurting yourself and making it more likely that you’ll give up on the whole thing. So take it slow and build up over time.

There are a whole lot of tips to take into account that can all be found here. Keep these tips in mind so you can make sure your arms get as ripped and shredded as possible for your best look possible.

If you’re in the market for a pullup bar, our list below covers a variety of styles and price points. Grab one and get to work.


Men’s Journal Pick For The Best Overall: OneTwoFit Wall-Mounted Pullup Bar


OneTwoFit Wall-Mounted Pullup Bar
OneTwoFit Wall-Mounted Pullup Bar Courtesy Image

Best Overall: OneTwoFit Wall-Mounted Pullup Bar

For a full-body workout, this option from OneTwoFit is hard to beat. It’s made of heavy-duty steel, can support up to 440 pounds, and features padded back and arm cushions. Better yet, it can be installed either as a dip station or a pullup bar, and you can also add resistance straps or even a punching bag for additional cross-training.

PROS: Very sturdy when hooked up and allows you many different grips and workouts for the best upper body workout from home

CONS: Setting it up could be a problem for those not too inclined to put things together

Get it: Pick up the OneTwoFit Wall-Mounted Pullup Bar ($70) at Amazon

Get it!
Titan Fitness Wall-Mounted Multi Pullup Bar
Titan Fitness Wall-Mounted Multi Pullup Bar Courtesy Image

Best Wall-Mounted: Titan Fitness Wall-Mounted Multi Pullup Bar

Featuring durable 12-gauge steel construction with a non-slip powder-coated finish, this wall-mounted multi-bar from Titan Fitness is built for a lifetime of tough workouts. You won’t get bored, either. Its eight bars allow for nearly unlimited grip choices, and they make it easy to attach gym rings, resistance straps, or suspension trainers like TRX.

PROS: A lot of different workouts are possible with all the grips that this bar delivers

CONS: You need a lot of space to have this bad boy set up anywhere

Get It: Pick up the Titan Fitness Wall-Mounted Multi Pullup Bar ($106) at Amazon

Get it!
Perfect Multi-Gym Sport
Perfect Multi Gym Sport Courtesy Image

Best Pole Mounted Doorframe: Perfect Multi Gym Sport

This pullup bar offers a whole gym’s worth of workouts in just one simple device. Used as a pullup bar, it offers three different grip positions, but you can also throw it on the floor and use it for dips and incline pushups, too. Plus, rubber pads protect your walls, floors, and door trim from scratches while creating a lockdown grip no matter what move you’re doing.

PROS: A real simple design that can go in pretty much any doorway to give you easy access to pull/chin-ups

CONS: Isn’t as dynamic as other pull up bars

Get It: Pick up the Perfect Multi Gym Sport ($31; was $35) at Amazon

Get it!
Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pullup Bar
Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pullup Bar Courtesy Image

Best Ceiling-Mounted: Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pullup Bar

Don’t have the wall or door space for a pullup bar? This ceiling-mounted option is the way to go. Its four ergonomic grip positions and high-density foam make it extra comfortable to use, and the reversible risers can mount below either 16-inch or 24-inch ceiling joists for added installation flexibility.

PROS: A real sturdy pull up bar that comes in handy if you don’t have the door frame to handle a pull-up bar

CONS: Needs to be hooked up and it doesn’t have the same variety as many other bars

Get It: Pick up the Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull-up Bar ($80) at Amazon

Get it
Flybird Doorway Pullup Bar
Flybird Doorway Pullup Bar Courtesy Image

Best Clamp Style For A Doorframe: Flybird Doorway Pullup Bar

No screws, no drilling, no problem. This bar can be extended from 28.3 inches to 36.2 inches to fit snugly in nearly any doorway. The 360-degree safety locks prevent unwanted rotation, the soft PVC mats on each end keep the bar from slipping, and the padded grip surface is perfect for a wide range of bodyweight exercises.

PROS: Most door frames can house this bar with its easy to use design and its durable frame

CONS: Possible grips for workouts are severely limited

Get It: Pick up the Flybird Doorway Pullup Bar ($46) at Amazon

Get it!
CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand
CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand Amazon

Best Freestanding: CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

This rugged freestanding pullup bar is designed to meet military specifications for the Army Combat Fitness Test, so you know it’s ready for your home workout. It comes with an adjustable bar and a detachable step, and the 46 inches of space between the supports create plenty of room for all kinds of exercises (including the “Leg Tuck” event in the Army’s fitness test).

PROS: Strong and durable with a lot of workout options that can go indoors or out

CONS: Pretty pricey and takes up a lot of space

Get It: Pick up the CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand ($159) at Amazon

Get it!
Weider Power Tower
Weider Power Tower Courtesy Image

Best Multi-Use With A Squat Rack: Weider Power Tower

If you have space, a power tower offers maximum versatility. This highly-rated option comes with grips and pads for all kinds of bodyweight movements, including dips, incline pushups, and knee raises—a true full-body workout from just one piece of equipment.

PROS: More than just pull-ups and chin-ups are possible with this power tower that will let you get some squats in as well

CONS: Like the freestanding option, this is pricey and takes up a whole lot of space

Get It: Pick up the Weider Power Tower ($130) at Amazon

Get it!
Team Beachbody Chin Up Bar
Team Beachbody Chinup Bar Courtesy Image

Best For Multi-Grip Type: ProsourceFit Multi-Use Doorway Chin-Up Bar

Chinups are a great way to get those biceps to bulge just in time for summer. This bar offers multiple grip positions––ranging from close grip to hammer grip––that will target your ‘ceps from multiple angles. It takes just seconds to set up, so you can work up a quick pump any time.

PROS: Affordable option that can go in any doorway with a ton of different grip options for a more well-rounded workout

CONS: None

Get It: Pick up the ProsourceFit Multi-Use Doorway Chin-Up Bar ($30; was $33) at Amazon

Get it!
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar Courtesy Image

Best For A Small Apartment: Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

A simple setup that’ll leave some extra cash in your pocket, this bar from Iron Gym does everything you need. It offers three foam grip positions, doesn’t require extra hardware or permanent installation, and it can even be used on the ground for wide-grip pushups. Save space without sacrificing results.

PROS: Save yourself a lot of space with this bar that can go in most doorframes

CONS: Not many other options for workouts with this option beyond simple pull/chin-ups

Get It: Pick up the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar ($24) at Amazon

Get it!
Intent Sports Pullup Assist Band System
Intent Sports Pullup Assist Band System Courtesy Image

Best for Beginners: Intent Sports Pullup Assist Band System

If you need a little boost to get above the bar, this system from Intent Sports delivers. Attach it to any pullup bar and put your feet through the loop at the bottom to offset your body weight while doing pullups. You can adjust the boost (up to 130 pounds) simply by changing the length. It’s a great option to build muscle and confidence as you work up to unassisted pull up exercise.

PROS: Limit the weight your putting on yourself with these bands to let you move up in weight over time while you get used to the new routine

CONS: Pretty useless once you move past the need for them

Get It: Pick up the Intent Sports Pullup Assist Band System ($35; was $40) at Amazon

Get it!

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