Best Pull-Up Bars for Home Use: Doorways, Wall Mounts, Free Standing

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When it comes to training at home, dumbbells and push-ups can only take you so far. Eventually, you have to improve your home gym setup, and the best place to start is a pull-up bar. That’s because there’s no real equivalent for pull-ups as a strength exercise for building your back, shoulder, and core strength.

Whereas so many pieces of workout equipment can be unwieldy and expensive, that isn’t the case when it comes to a pull up bar. You can have any size home or apartment and get one that works for you. All you need to do is figure out which one is the best for you.

Since the next step is to determine what type of pull-up bar suits your home. Doorway bars are the fall-back option for small apartments but your best bet for serious training is a freestanding pull-up rack or wall-mounted bar.

Top Pick

Perfect Multi-Gym Sport
Courtesy Image
Courtesy Image

In our opinion, the Perfect Multi Gym Sport is the best pick for pullup bar. Because it’s a doorframe model, it’s very affordable and very easy to set up. All you gotta do is place it in your door frame and get to work. When you’re done, you can get it out of the way and clear out some space. Can’t beat that.


What type of pull-up bars are there?

There are a few different types of pull-up bars to choose from:

  • Doorway – These extend the length of a standard door frame. They’re inexpensive and simple if you don’t have space for a wall-mounted setup.
  • Wall-mounted – These bolt onto a wall or ceiling (solid brick only) and are generally the most stable kind of pull-up bar, perfect for your garage or basement gym.
  • Freestanding – Freestanding racks and pull-up stations have a stable footprint. They’re ideal for garages or a dedicated home gym space.

Which type is best?

As seen above, you got a few options when it comes to pullup bars and it all depends on what you are looking for. Now, you can go with the more expensive options like a wall-mounted bar or a freestanding unit to give you the workout you want. But in our opinions, the best one to go with is the doorway pull-up bar.

Why do we think that? Simple. It’s so much more convenient and delivers the same kind of workout. You don’t need to pay as much, set up is so much easier, and you can get them out of the way when you aren’t using them. All of that makes it so much easier to have in your life. Why not go with the one that makes it easier on you to workout?

Do Doorframe Bars Damage Door Frames?

Doorframe pull-up bars are our pick for the best type for pull up bar. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to worry about when it comes to these items. For one, you might automatically assume that they can damage your door frame when you put them in. And that’s an understandable worry to have.

But the best kinds of doorframe pullup bars are not going to damage your door frame, no matter how hard you workout. For one, these don’t need to be screwed in, so there’s no damage from that. Not to mention they should be made with pads on the ends that sit on the doorframe to prevent damage as you use them.

Once you got this doorframe pull up bar set up, you got yourself quite the workout option in your life. Simple and incredibly effective. How can you go wrong there?

Tips For Beginners

If you are getting started on a pull-up routine, there are some accessories that can really help.

  • Workout gloves – Prevent blisters and help your grip*
  • Gym Chalk – Stops your hands getting sweaty and helps your grip*
  • Gym Rings – Great for beginners building strength but can also be used for dips and more advanced moves*
  • Suspension trainer – You can use a TRX trainer with a wall or freestanding bar. These are like rings but easier to use
  • Pull up assistance bands – Resistance bands for assisted pull-ups if you’re struggling to get above the bar
  • Gym box – If your bar is high up, you might need help getting to it


Best Overall: Perfect Multi Gym Sport

Perfect Multi-Gym Sport
Courtesy Image
Courtesy Image

Get It: Pick up the Perfect Multi Gym Sport ($31; was $35) at Amazon

Get it!

This pull up bar offers a whole gym’s worth of workouts in just one simple device. Used as a pull-up bar, it offers three different grip positions, but you can also throw it on the floor and use it for dips and incline pushups, too. Plus, rubber pads protect your walls, floors, and door trim from scratches while creating a lockdown grip no matter what move you’re doing. Fits door frames 27 inches to 35 inches wide.

PROS: Compact and easy to set up and take down for those with limited space.

CONS: Door frame bars can damage your door frames but this one promises not to with rubber pads.

Best Wall Mounted: OneTwoFit Wall-Mounted Pull-up Bar


OneTwoFit: best wall mounted pull up bar


Get it: Pick up the OneTwoFit Wall-Mounted Pullup Bar ($70) at Amazon

Get it!

For a full-body workout, this option from OneTwoFit is hard to beat. It’s made of heavy-duty steel, can support up to 440 pounds, and has an extra stable 6-hole design. The best thing about it is that it has 3 grip types from wide, to medium and narrow grip making it perfect for doing a range of exercises and strength progressions.

PROS: Very sturdy when hooked up and allows you many different grips and workouts for the best upper body workout from home

CONS: You’ll need a dedicated space with a strong wall and some basic DIY skills to set this up in a garage, or home gym.

Best for Garage Gyms: Titan Fitness Wall-Mounted Multi Pull-up Bar

Titan Fitness Wall Mounted Pullup Bar

Get It: Pick up the Titan Fitness Wall-Mounted Multi Pullup Bar ($106) at Amazon

Get it!

Featuring a non-slip powder-coated finish, you won’t find your hands slipping off this bar like some other models. The 12-guage steel also holds up to 500lbs and the wide grip and simple construction makes it comparable with gym-quality pull-up bars. Gym rings not included but make a good bundled purchase if you’re new to pull-ups.

PROS: A simple, sturdy, high and wide bar for a classic home-gym setup. Ideal for garage gyms and using with gym rings.

CONS: You’ll need a dedicated space to set this up and a solid wall to attach it to.

Best Ceiling-Mounted: Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull-up Bar

Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pullup Bar
Courtesy Image

Get It: Pick up the Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mount Pull-up Bar ($80) at Amazon

Get it

Don’t have the wall or door space for a pull-up bar? This ceiling-mounted option is the way to go. Its four ergonomic grip positions and high-density foam make it extra comfortable to use, and the reversible risers can mount below either 16-inch or 24-inch ceiling joists for added installation flexibility.

PROS: A real sturdy pull up bar that comes in handy if you don’t have the door frame to handle a pull-up bar

CONS: Needs to be hooked up and it doesn’t have the same variety as many other bars

Best Clamp Style For A Doorframe: Flybird Doorway Pull-up Bar

Flybird Doorway Pullup Bar
Courtesy Image

Get It: Pick up the Flybird Doorway Pullup Bar ($46) at Amazon

Get it!

This bar can be extended from 28.3 inches to 36.2 inches to fit snugly in nearly any doorway. The 360-degree safety locks prevent unwanted rotation, the soft PVC mats on each end keep the bar from slipping, and the padded grip surface is perfect for a wide range of bodyweight exercises.

PROS: Most door frames can house this bar with its easy to use design and its durable frame

CONS: Possible grips for workouts are severely limited

Best Freestanding Pull-up Bar: CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

Get It: Pick up the CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand ($159) at Amazon

Get it!

This rugged freestanding pull-up bar (and squat rack) is designed to meet military specifications for the Army Combat Fitness Test, so you know it’s ready for your home workout. It comes with an adjustable bar and a detachable step, and the 46 inches of space between the supports create plenty of room for all kinds of exercises (including the “Leg Tuck” event in the Army’s fitness test). The fact that this is also a squat rack makes it a perfect piece of equipment for a mini home gym – just add a good-quality barbell.

PROS: Strong and durable, works indoors or out, and doubles as a squat rack.

CONS: A big piece of kit so not ideal for small apartments.

Best Mini Gym: Weider Power Tower

Weider Power Tower
Courtesy Image

Get It: Pick up the Weider Power Tower ($130) at Amazon

Get it!

If you have space, a power tower is like a complete mini gym with pull-up, dips, push ups and leg raise stations all built in. Plus you get 30-day trial of the iFIT workout app. The pull-up bar has both wide and narrow grips and can hold 300lbs. Dimensions of the constructed tower are ‎53 x 43 x 86 inches.

PROS: Go beyond pull-ups and train your chest and core too with dips, elevated push ups and leg raises.

CONS: Like the freestanding option, these are not for small apartments!

Best Versatile Doorframe Bar: ProsourceFit Chin-Up Bar

Team Beachbody Chin Up Bar
Courtesy Image

Get It: Pick up the ProsourceFit Multi-Use Doorway Chin-Up Bar ($30; was $33) at Amazon

Get it!

This doorframe bar offers multiple grip positions––ranging from close grip to hammer grip––that will target your ‘ceps from multiple angles. It takes just seconds to set up, so you can work up a quick pump any time.

PROS: Affordable option that can go in any doorway with a ton of different grip options for a more well-rounded workout

CONS: Doorframe bars can’t be height adjusted

Best For A Small Apartment: Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar
Courtesy Image

Get It: Pick up the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar ($24) at Amazon

Get it!

A simple setup that’ll leave some extra cash in your pocket, this bar from Iron Gym does everything you need. It offers three foam grip positions, doesn’t require extra hardware or permanent installation, and it can even be used on the ground for wide-grip pushups. Save space without sacrificing results.

PROS: Save yourself a lot of space with this bar that can go in most doorframes

CONS: Not many other options for workouts with this option beyond simple pull/chin-ups

Best for Beginners: Intent Sports Pull-up Assist Band System

Intent Sports Pullup Assist Band System
Courtesy Image

Get It: Pick up the Intent Sports Pull-up Assist Band System ($35; was $40) at Amazon

Get it!

If you need a little boost to get above the bar, this system from Intent Sports delivers. Attach it to any pull-up bar and put your feet through the loop at the bottom to offset your body weight while doing pull-ups. You can adjust the boost (up to 130 pounds) simply by changing the length. It’s a great option to build muscle and confidence as you work up to unassisted pull up exercise.

PROS: Limit the weight your putting on yourself with these bands to let you move up in weight over time while you get used to the new routine

CONS: Pretty useless once you move past the need for them

Best Foldable: Gruper Foldable Pull-Up Bar

Gruper Foldable Pull Up Bar

Get It: Pick up the Gruper Foldable Pull Up Bar ($45; was $65) at Amazon

Get it!

Being able to fold up your pull-up bar makes things even more convenient for the home. Not just because you can easily take it off the doorframe when you’re done, but you can make it even smaller when you need to store it away. But it’s still got plenty of strength and durability for you to go to town on it. No damage to door, only improvements to your upper body.

Pros: Easy to set up, easy to put away when you’re done with it

Cons: A little more expensive that most other doorframe models

Best Portable: Duonamic Eleviia Portable Pull-up Bar

Duonamic Eleviia Portable Pull-up Bar

Get It: Pick up the Duonamic Eleviia Portable Pull-up Bar ($129) at Amazon

Get it!

Being able to bring your pull up workout with you anywhere you go is a pretty big advantage. Makes the whole house a home gym for you. And you can workout on trips. You can’t beat that. Now, this may not exactly be a pull-up bar, but it does the same thing. Clamp these hooks into a door frame and get the workout going. You may need to get used to the workout, being that you’re using two clamps with handles on them. But once you do, you’ll be giving your upper body quite the workout.

Pros: Portable pull-ups is a pretty big pro in our minds

Cons: Takes a little getting used to

Best Under $30: CEAYUN Pull-up Bar

CEAYUN Pull-up Bar

Get It: Pick up the CEAYUN Pull-up Bar ($27; was $30) at Amazon

Get it!

If you are looking to keep yourself within a budget, then you need to give this pull-up bar a try. It’s easy to set up and has a good deal of strength and durability to it so you can workout to your hearts content.

Pros: Affordable and effective

Cons: Pretty strong, but not as strong as most of the others on the list

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