The 10-round Abdominal Circuit to Incinerate Body Fat

Everybody needs a break from the weights. You can’t expect to build muscle and burn fat without allowing your body to recover and repair—and those who think otherwise are making a huge mistake.

But, if you’re following something like our total-body Redemption Plan, you still want to be as aggressive as possible, while being smart about it at the same time. That’s the thinking behind this bodyweight, core-focused workout.

It’s a solid challenge to your body, but it’s not as exhausting as deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. You’re only going to work through between 5–10 rounds (depending on your ability), but you’ll get a tremendous pump while elevating your heart rate and metabolism for the fat-burning effect.

The workout

Complete 5-10 rounds of the following as quickly as possible:

1. Pushups

Reps: 10

2. Pullups

Reps: 10

3. Situps

Reps: 10

4. Hip Thrusts

Reps: 10

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