10 Times Arnold Schwarzenegger Pumped up Instagram With His Epic Workouts

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If anyone knows what it takes to get big in the gym, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The former governor of California might be a few decades removed from winning the Mr. Olympia and killing the Predator, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting ripped.

In fact, Schwarzenegger is looking bigger than ever—he’s always working out, whether it’s at the classic Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, riding his bike on the boardwalk, or pumping iron at some random hotel gym. The action star never takes a day off.

The seven-time Mr. Olympia is a must-follow on social media for his inspirational quotes, motivational videos, and (of course) his massive muscles.

Here are Schwarzenegger’s top workout moments from Instagram.

10. The Governator pumps up his arms on the bicep curl machine:

Pumping up! Link for the shirt is in my bio. Biceps can't be bought.

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9. Arnold shows off one of his intense workouts at Gold’s Gym (make sure you watch until the end):



8. Arnold knows what it takes to get big:


7. Just because he’s in Japan doesn’t mean Schwarzenegger takes a day off from the gym:


6. Arnold blasts his pecs while getting ready for his namesake bodybuilding competition in Australia:


5. Arnold works his arms:


4. Where it all began:

Arnold isn’t just using Muscle Beach for a gym session. He’s also using it as inspiration for a new television show, Pump. Set in 1973, the series will be “loosely” based on Schwarzenegger’s life and the time he spent out at the Gold’s Venice Beach gym.

3. Doesn’t matter if he’s in India—Arnold’s going to get a pump in:


2. Arnold jumps from machine to machine (to machine) without breaking a sweat:


1. The weekend doesn’t mean rest for the Terminator—Arnold starts off with a 10-mile bike ride before blasting his biceps:


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