10 Workout Programs to Completely Transform Your Body

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Whether you’re completely new to the gym, or let yourself go over over the last year or so, we’ve got a workout plan for you. We’re dedicated to pulling in the trainers and athletes that live and breathe every minute of their day to improve themselves and their clients. This is our collection of programs written up by the mensfitness.com regular contributors.

Check out the brief descriptions, program video teasers and pick the plan that’s best for you. Note: The Total-Body Reconstruction Plan is dropping on January 1 at 12AM ET.

1. Your Total-Body Reconstruction Plan

This plan is built around the “mind-muscle” connection. A select few exercises from each day are prescribed to be done at a slow tempo during both the concentric and eccentric phase of the lift to ensure maximum muscle stimulation. This is a great plan for beginners looking to develop an understanding of the mind-muscle connection, however, it’s also relevant for the experienced lifter that may have let him/herself go or lost touch.

Goal: Lean mass

2. The New Year Redemption Plan

Last year’s big-hit program is still available. The Redemption plan is straight out of our personal playbook. It’s no-bs, no frills, and has been one of the most sought after programs on our site for all of 2016.

Goal: Lean mass

3. The Monster Size and Power Plan

Big Brandon Cruz, a former college football player with a killer physique, designed this plan for explosive power and explosive growth spurts. You may have seen this plan on Facebook or Twitter as our “Grow Like a Monster” plan.

Goal: Size and power

4. The Unbreakable Machine Routines

New York City police officer and certified personal trainer Mike Counihan puts a lot of his clients through programs similar to “survival” training. It’s got just about every single possible thing you could need to grow big, strong, powerful—and have the endurance of a machine.

Goal: Total-body strength, power, and endurance conditioning

5. Built for the Beach v2.0 plan

The second version of Built for the Beach is a sequel program to our original plan dating back to 2013. We’ve received so many messages via email and social media from people who loved the plan so much that we decided to reboot and relaunch an even better one.

Goal: Accelerated fat-loss/Lean mass

6. The Timeless Bodybuilding plan

Bodybuilders know their bodies as well as anyone. They can manipulate the slightest amount of muscle, fat, and water. The thing is: they keep it all simple. Big lifts, and reps and rest for maximum hypertrophy or growth. Why make things more complicated. Regular contributor, the “ripped-for-life” Tim McComsey, designed the plan.

Goal: Lean mass

7. The 21-Day Shred Series

It began with The 21-Day Shred, the original. This is another one taken straight out of our playbook, but this time around it’s been expanded into phases or to cater to the needs of working out from home. The Shred Series includes the original, the bulk up, the at-home, and the transition plans.

Goals: Varies


8. The Winter Bulk Up

If you’re not living in a warm climate there’s no use in stressing over the cold. Use it your advantage to eat some extra food and put on some extra pounds. Once the warmer weather returns you can switch back to a fat-burn focused routine. This is another program from regular contributor, Tim McComsey.

Goal: Mass


9. The Muscle Detailing Workouts

Constantly bombarding the body with compound lifts day in and day out will wear you down—doesn’t matter how much you focus on sleep, rest, and recovery. There comes a point when it can be more advantageous to work in isolation exercises to help fine-tune the details of each muscle group, plus it gives your joints a more robust period of recovery. A new contributor, Eugene Isaev, designed and demonstrated these workouts.

Goals: Muscular definition


10. The 3-Day Detox Workouts

Partying is a part of life. Whether it’s Thanksgiving or Cinco de Mayo, you’re going to need a bounce-back plan that won’t force you to suffer your way through it. This program, built around progressively getting back into the swing of things, was designed by personal trainer John Gioffre.

Goals: Recovery/maintenaince



Other standalone workouts include our list of 10 of the best challenges to put your body to test. The challenges were designed by CrossFit Level-1 instructor and regular contributor, Wyatt Krueger.

Goals: Push yourself to the limit

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