105-year-old Legend Credits Hard Work and Whiskey for Good Health

Jack Reynolds repelling down rope

There are plenty of secrets and long-standing rituals for living to be 100.

You could copy what people from the world’s longest-living “blue zone” regions eat to stay practically immortal. Or you could follow the less conventional approach 105-year-old Jack Reynolds swears by: whiskey.

It may not be the cure-all for everyone, but this centenarian credits his riotous good spirit and health to a unique ritual.

“He has a whisky in his tea every morning and two shots of Grouse in a glass with lemonade at night, and swears by it,” Reynolds’ 57-year-old daughter, Jayne, tells Metro. “If we’ve got a cold or anything, he straight away gives us a whisky, that’s his medicine and it’s not done him bad.”

It seems to be working for Reynolds.

Along with being the oldest person to do the Ice Bucket Challenge and ride a roller coaster, Reynolds recently completed three trial abseils [rappelling]. (Just for reference, the man uses a walker for assistance.) And it’s all for a good cause.




“He just decided to use his old age to make money for charity, that’s his main motive. But in the meantime, he is getting a lot of fun out of it,” Jayne tells Metro. “Nothing seems to faze him, he just takes everything in stride.”

A daily dose of whiskey isn’t the only factor behind this kickass 105-year-old’s vitality.

“Hard work, fresh air, and family,” says Jayne, who shares that her dad is also a stickler for routine. “Eight, twelve, and four (o’clock) are the times of his three meals, every single day.”

So there you have it: The perfect plan for keeping your motor running on all cylinders well into your golden years.

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