13 Times Scott Eastwood Showed Off His Action-star Physique on Instagram

13 Times Scott Eastwood Showed Off His Action-star Physique on Instagram

He has one of the most famous last names in Hollywood, but Scott Eastwood is much more than just his father’s son. The former Men’s Journal cover star as made his rise as one of the go-to guys for action movies not because he’s the son of Clint Eastwood—but because of his shredded physique and rock-hard abs.

Scott Eastwood photographed for the April 2018 issue of Men's Journal by Jeff Lipsky

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Whether it’s playing a Navy SEAL in Suicide Squad, a government agent in The Fate of the Furious, or a World War II soldier in Fury, Eastwood always looks like he could actually step in and be that character in real life.



The reason for that realism? Eastwood’s intense training and workout routine (detailed here), which includes weightlifting, jiu-jitsu training, swimming, surfing, and stand-up paddleboarding.

Much like fellow action stars Vin Diesel, Jason Momoa, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Jason Statham, Eastwood likes showing off his physique on social media. Here are Eastwood’s 13 most shredded moments from Instagram:

13. Eastwood catches some waves while surfing:

12. Eastwood shows off his ripped physique while doing pushups:

11. Eastwood gets in a rope workout after some Muay Thai training:

Just like his Fate of the Furious co-star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Justice League star Jason Momoa, Eastwood likes to get down with the weighted battle ropes. Try out this rope training workout and tone your muscles.

10. Eastwood takes the call from buddies Chris Pratt and The Rock for the “Pushup Challenge:

Improve your pushup and blast out 100 without stopping with this guide.

9. Eastwood pulls ultimate bro move and gets in some yoga while sipping on a beer by the lake:

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8. Eastwood needs to keep himself in prime shape for his various action roles. Here he does it with some fight training:

Have you been looking to add some martial arts to your training? Check out this guide and pick the right fighting style to help you build muscle and power.

7. Eastwood uses a pushup bar to get himself fit to fight in Pacific Rim: Uprising

Want to blast your chest with something a little spicier than regular pushups? Try these 15 great pushup variations and build your upper body.

6. Eastwood shows off his bicep after stepping in the ring for a training session:

Boxing is a great way to get shredded—try this workout that shows how Michael B. Jordan got ripped for Creed.

5. How do you top a morning beach run? Try an ocean swim:

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4. Eastwood gives off some Monday motivation as he flexes his massive arms after a workout:

3. Nothing like getting in a workout with man’s best friend along for the ride:

Stand up paddleboarding is a great way to get a six-pack and have a fun workout at the same time. Check out 6 exercises that will get you ready to paddleboard, plus a guide to get you started so you can get shredded.

2. No off days for Eastwood. The actor gets ready for Pacific Rim 2 with some kettlebell training:

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1. Eastwood loves his ropes workouts. The actor gets into shape for the smash hit Suicide Squad:

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