13 Times Mike Trout Showed Off His MVP Strength on Instagram

Angels Baseball, Anaheim, USA - 27 Aug 2019 Los Angeles Angels' Mike Trout hits against the Texas Rangers during a baseball game, in Anaheim, Calif 27 Aug 2019
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Angels star Mike Trout is the definition of a five-tool player in baseball. In fact, with all the tools at his disposal, it might be more apt to call him a six- or seven-tool player instead. Yeah, Trout is pretty good at this baseball thing.

His stats back up the eyeball test, too. Trout has won two MVP awards before the age of 26 and became the youngest player in MLB history to reach 100 home runs and 100 stolen bases. All that makes it stunning that 21 teams passed on him in the draft, including the Angels. (Luckily for them, they had back-to-back picks in the first round and took Trout 25th overall.)

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Making all this even more amazing? Trout will be only 27 when the 2019 season starts, meaning he’s just entering his prime years. So expect more amazing catches, long home runs, and milestone stats to fall as he keeps going. Speaking of expecting more—the Angels will: Trout reportedly is set to sign a 12-year $430 million extension to stay with the Angels for the long haul.

Trout is as committed as anyone in sports to staying in shape, and he spoke to Men’s Journal about his workouts.

“I do a lot of full body workouts personally,” Trout says. “I like to do squats, dead lifts, bench press and the hardcore lifting during the offseason. And then during the season, I work to maintain it – lighter weight but more reps. I try to be explosive in all my workouts. For me, I’ve been keeping the same routine that I’ve had over the last few years. In the offseason, you want to get bigger, stronger and faster. And during the season, you obviously just want to maintain it.”

That’s another reason why he was perfect to be one of the stars in the Kobe Bryant-directed BodyArmor campaign, “Obsession is Natural,” alongside athletes like James Harden, Andrew Luck, Richard Sherman, Dez Bryant, Kristaps Porzingis, and Dustin Johnson.

Here are 13 times he showed off his strength on social media:

13. Trout gets in a hex-bar deadlift while training for the 2017 season:

Want to boost your deadlift? Get a big-number deadlift in six weeks with this program and master the proper technique with this guide. Trainer Ryan Flaherty, who has worked with Serena Williams, NFL draft prospects, MLB players, and Olympic athletes, told us that the hex-bar deadlift is one of the most important exercises for athletes. Trout clearly got the message.

12. Trout shows off the sweet swing that has helped him win two MVP awards before the age of 26:

Want to start hitting home runs out of the park like Trout? Use these four simple steps to help you crush a home run and impress everyone in your softball league.

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11. Trout shows off his strength with some heavy wood chops on a punching bag in this clip for the Kobe Bryant-directed BodyArmor campaign:

Trout’s a five-tool player with skills that allow him to excel in all phases of the game. Boost your overall baseball skills with the five-tool player workout from us and become a jack-of-all-trades on the field.


10. Even during a game, Trout gets in some muscle-building moves with some pullups on the dugout:

The great thing about pullups? You can do them almost anywhere. Blast your upper body with the pullup-pushup workout from us, or crank out more pullups in your workout session with these seven steps from former Mr. New Jersey, Mike Duffy, C.P.T.

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9. That’s a lot of muscle and athletic talent in one photo—Trout hangs out with NFL superstar J.J. Watt in Houston:

At 6’5”, 289 lbs, Watt is one of the most dominant athletes in sports. The Texans star told us about the workout routine that keeps him so shredded. Plus, here are 11 times Watt fired up Instagram with his workouts.

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8. Trout works on his upper body with his trainer, showing off one of his big biceps in the process:

Want to have the best upper-body workout of all time? Try these 25 strength-training exercises from us and give your body a boost, or try these 10 upper-body moves to build your core.

7. Trout loads up a massive box jump while getting ready for spring training:

Trout’s buddy Watt likes box jumps, too—Watt’s personal record is 61″ and he’s tried even bigger ones. Want to box jump like Trout and Watt? Follow these steps and help improve your explosiveness.

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42 days til #SpringTraining… #ANGELS

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6. Trout shows off his massive arms in the middle of this video with some dumbbell curls:

In a time crunch and want to blast your biceps? Try this 30-minute dumbbell workout program from us to build muscle or one of these 10 great at-home dumbbell workouts if you can’t get to the gym.

5. Trout builds his strength with some stepups while holding plates in each arm:

Perfect your dumbbell stepup form with this step-by-step look fromus , and get an intense workout in with this stepup routine from Muscle & Fitness.

4. Trout’s about to crush some hex-bar deadlifts:

Just starting your strength training plan or looking to get back into the gym again? Follow this beginner’s guide to weight training or bounce back with this three-day total-body comeback workout plan from us .

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3. Trout works on his agility and strength and gets things going with a sled pull:

Want to “pull” some big weight like Trout? Try one of these 10 sled exercises that work your entire body, or check out this muscle-building weight sled workout.

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2. Trout was so excited to get the 2017 season started, he went running with a barbell on his back:

Want to build full-body strength? Try the best barbell workout from us and this barbell complex workout to burn fat and build muscle. If you’re looking to improve your grip, check out these five barbell grip variations and how to use them.

1. Trout shows off his strength while rolling a massive tire full of dumbbells:

Looks like Trout and Watt really do have similar workout habits, no wonder why both are so dominant. Watt uses a 1,000-lb tire to get fired up for his workouts, while Trout clearly likes the dumbbell-filled variety. Want to get in on the action too? Try this muscle-building, calorie-burning tire workout that will hammer all the muscles in your body.

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