13 Ways Exercise Makes Your Brain Work Better

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You’re well aware that hitting the gym can knock your stress level down a few notches and flood your body with feel-good endorphins. But the mental health benefits of exercise go beyond its immediate mood-boosting effects. Our partners at Greatist recently took a look at all of the ways that working out makes your brain work better. Here are a few that we were most psyched about:

  • Interval workouts can cut through anxiety. Studies show that moderate-to-high intensity cardio sessions turn up the release of brain chemicals that make anxious exercisers feel calmer.
  • Working out makes you smarter. Research suggests that aerobic exercise helps create new brain cells and improves the way your brain works. Tough workouts can also boost decision-making, higher thinking, and learning.
  • Exercise breaks help you get more done at work. Workers who regularly break for short walks or jogs have more energy and are more productive than their sedentary peers.

For 10 more mental benefits of exercise, check out the full report at Greatist.com, and to avoid an exercise burn-out, read 7 Ways to Avoid Overtraining Forever.



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