The 13 Worst Dudes at the Gym, According to ‘Men’s Fitness’ Readers

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We figured that our story on “The eight worst people at the gym” would get a big reaction out of our readers. After all, guys at the gym care—a lot—about getting in a good workout, and the idiots who prevent them from doing that are, well, idiots.

But you guys really brought the heat on this one, particularly via social media. So we’re handing the microphone to the crowd, and letting you speak up about the worst people you’ve encountered at your local sweatbox. Here are 13 of the worst offenders.

1. The Guy Who Doesn’t Rack His Weights

“The self-appointed hard nuts who lift in the evening and are too soft to rack their weights. The woman who opens my gym spends the first half hour putting away plates and DBs (off the floor and barbells), and she’s a grandmother. The big men are too weak and arrogant to do so themselves.”


2. The Reheated Mackerel Sandwich

“I’m just annoyed by people who can’t be bothered to put deodorant on before the gym. Like clockwork, said person will always use the machine right next to mine.”

3. The Guy Who Doesn’t Rack His Weights, Part 2

“I work out usually in the evening, too, and sometimes I had to put back plates myself to declutter the space. I just think it’s also a good part of my workout.”

[Editor’s Note: The gym-goers who rack other people’s weights out of the goodness of their hearts and/or a sense of civic responsibility shall dine with the Valkyries for eternity in the halls of Valhalla.]

4.The Shoeless Wonder

“People who take their shoes off when deadlifting.”

[Editor’s Note: They make weightlifting shoes for that, dude. Crap, at least just pick up a pair of Chucks.]

5. Narcissus

“The guys who go to the gym to socialize and take shirtless selfies, which is a big problem at my gym.”

6. The Warmongerer

“The freaks walking around, always trying to look for conflicts to release all their pent-up anger.”

7. The Statue

“Sitting on machine between sets. UGH!”

8. The Imperialist

“Somebody using three different machines or areas at once and expecting me not to take that empty bench or power rack. Get the fuck out of here.”

Alternatively: “Weight hoarders.”

9. The Chatty Cathy

“The worst is the guy who starts talking to you when you have your headphones on.”

[Editor’s Note: While normally frowned upon, talking to someone wearing headphones is sometimes acceptable if and only if you have a polite request that will greatly improve the overall flow and experience of everyone at the gym. For example: “Hey man, are you done with the squat rack?” or “Do you have another set?” Or: “Pardon me, sir, but your underpants have spontaneously combusted.”]

10. Mr. Gastrointestinal Distress

“Those who grunt and fart at the same time.”

11. The Behatted Man

“I always find guys wearing toques annoying.”

[Editor’s Note: We thought it was interesting that this guy used the word “toque,” since most people will just say “beanie” or “skullcap”. We’re assuming that either the hat-wearing culprit just got to the gym from his job as a sous chef at a 4-star restaurant, or our nameless reporter is from Canada.]

12. The Guy Without Dental Insurance

“The dude who wears a mouthpiece bugs me!”

[Editor’s Note: Please wear a mouthpiece if you’re training for combat and/or contact sports. Yes, even if you have dental insurance.]

13. The Unsolicited Cheerleader

“Stop shouting at me while I do my last rep. You’re not my friend. You’re not even a member here!”

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