15 Duct Tape Hacks for Better Fitness


While we’re not about to use the stuff to fix our furniture or cars, we’re going to start digging duct tape out of the junk drawer a little more often. Turns out, the do-it-all adhesive is clutch when it comes to keeping healthy and fit.

Our partners at Greatist recently compiled a list of 15 sneaky duct tape hacks for better health and fitness. Some examples:

  • Prevent Blisters: When you feel the first signs of blister (burning, friction), apply duct tape as smoothly as possible over the irritated area.
  • Improve Punching Accuracy: If you train with a punching bag, challenge your accuracy by placing little squares of duct tape on the bag to use as targets during a workout.
  • Make a DIY Sandbag: All you need to create your own sandbag is a canvas laundry bag, a few heavy-duty garbage bags, some zip ties, some pea gravel, and (of course) duct tape.

For 12 more duct tape hacks, click on over to Greatist.com, and if you’re feeling inspired by all this do-it-yourself talk, try The DIY Workout.