The 15-minute Leg Workout to Build Monster Quads


This workout requires a loaded barbell for front squats, and a sled that you can pull backward. If you don’t have access to a sled, get creative with ways to perform a similar move.


This is essentially an AMRAP workout, so you’ll be pushing yourself to do as many rounds as possible within a 15-minute interval.

Set up the bar for front squats with a weight that you can lift for 12 reps. Perform a warm-up set of eight reps: lower yourself for 3 seconds then push off the floor as fast as you can. Now, set up your prowler-style sled with a weight that you can pull backwards (on your toes) for 60 yards.

Once you hit start on your timer, begin your set of front squats using a full range of motion. After the last squat, immediately grab the straps or handles connected to the sled and lean backward. Staying on your toes, pull the sled backwards for about 30 yards. Then turn around and bring it back to the start position. This is one round. See how many rounds you can complete of these two moves in 15 minutes.

Workout Tips

 — Use a full range of motion on the front squats.
 — If you don’t have a sled to haul the weights, get creative. If you’re training with a partner, try walking backyards while wearing a yoga belt, and have him pull on the belt as you walk.
 — If you struggle with range of motion in the squat, elevate your heels. Just be mindful that this will emphasize the quadriceps even more.
 — Rest about 30 seconds between rounds. Just remember you’re going for as many rounds as possible in the 15-minute time frame.

The 15-Minute Payoff
Front squats will put more emphasis on the quads than back squats, but remember that the front squat isn’t just a lower body exercise. Squatting works your entire body, including your lower back and core. Adding some intense high repetition metabolic work like the backward sled drag to really reach that lactate threshold will create a burning sensation you probably haven’t felt in your quads in a long time, if ever.

EXERCISE 1: Barbell Front Squat

8 reps (at a weight that you can do 12 reps)

EXERCISE 2: Sled Pull

60 yards (30 each way)

This is one round. See how many rounds you can complete of these two moves in 15-minutes.

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