The 15-Second Kettlebell-Bodyweight Interval Workout


There’s nothing worse than having to cut out on a workout because you don’t have enough time, or the routine just has way too many exercises. If you’re the type of guy that loves the no-small talk, get-in and get-out workout we’ve got a short, sweet and simple one to try. We stopped by The Training Room Online in Point Pleasant Beach and Avon, New Jersey to get a 20-minute sweat sessions workout from owner and head trainer, Mike Stehle.


1. Do 15 seconds of each movement with a 15 second rest between.
2. Perform a total of 10 rounds of the following movements.
3. Do NOT to go to muscular failure. Pick a rep scheme that allows you to maintain perfect form.


Exercise One: Pull-ups (any variety)
rest 15 sec.

Exercise Two: Kettlebell Goblet Squats
rest 15 sec.

Exercise Three: Push-ups (any variety)
rest 15 sec.

Exercise Four: Kettlebell Swings
rest 15 sec.


1. Use a kettlebell weight that allows you to perform 10 rounds of this workout with great technique.
2. Keep the reps low.
3. Try to stick with a specific rep scheme for each movement, this way it is easy to keep track of your total reps performed.
4. Once you can get through this with ease, then it is time to increase your weight.

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