20 Real Guys on the Worst Gifts They Ever Got


We found evidence of your less-than-stellar gift-giving skills when we asked 20 real women to divulge the worst present they ever received. But we didn’t want you guys to feel left out, so we turned the tables. We asked you to dish on the gifts that were better left unopened, and some may even have topped the womens’ responses. 

Read the candid answers and see how your past gift-receiving grievances stack up. Oh, and seeing the theme of stuffed animals and homemade crafts, it’s safe to say you can tell your girlfriend and wife you won’t be needing either—ever. 

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“A girlfriend gave me a bunch of ‘coupons’ that she made… like a ‘bitch free card’ for when she started acting crazy. Every time I tried using one, it didn’t go over well.” – Chet D.

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“A white polar bear pillow pet.” – Kyle S. 

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“Worst Christmas gift: Underwear with the words ‘naughty and nice’ on them.” – Tim L. 

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“Blockbuster gift card… when they were still around.” – Andrew K. 

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“I got a really ugly sweater, and I’m re-gifting it to a friend this year.” – Steve D. 

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“A Build-a-Bear.” – Bobby G. 

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“A large silver link necklace. It reminded me of a dog collar.” – Chase T. 

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“A travel mug and a gift card from Surf Bagel (a place in Delaware). Happy anniversary, let me go get some egg sandwiches…” – Robert D. 

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“Getting an XS shirt from J. CREW because she thought I was that skinny.” – Mike C. 

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“Got a Wii… couldn’t have sprung for a PS3 or something I’d actually enjoy? Seriously the worst.” – Carlos J. 

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“The worst Christmas gift I ever received from a girlfriend was one that I paid for. My ex asked for money to go Black Friday shopping and got something that turned out to be my gift.” – Kenneth V. 

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“Once I just got a bucket of pretzels. I don’t even like pretzels.” – Brett L.

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“I got a poorly drawn etching of a bad Facebook picture of mine.” – Nick B.

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“Something that was clearly meant for someone else, because it still had her name on it.” – Mike R.

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“A monogrammed flask. What, do I look like an alcoholic to you? An alcoholic who needs help finding his flask after he loses it on the train? C’mon.” – Tony L.

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“Fake lottery tickets. I legitimately thought I won $25,000 only to find out it was a prank.” – Michael V. 

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“An electronic picture frame with photos of my girlfriend and I (that she gave me) that changed every couple of seconds.” – Justin S. 

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“My wife got me men’s bikini brief-style underwear, which was just tight and all sorts of wrong… didn’t allow for much air flow. But apparently she liked them.” – Rick S. 

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“A fancy shave kit with crazy-smelling shaving creams like pine. It probably seemed cool to my girlfriend at the time, but I just didn’t see the appeal—or ever used it.” – Nate G. 

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“A savings coupon for Red Lobster. Not only was it a crappy gift, but I don’t even eat seafood.” – Brendan W. 

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