The 2009 Year-Long Workout


Think of it as a workout program that never ends. After four weeks, you won’t have to scramble for a new routine or wonder what to do next. You’ll have a brand-new block of workouts waiting for you – all of which will build on the gains you’ve made in the preceding weeks.

No matter what your specific fitness goals are, there will be a phase in the Yearlong Program that addresses them. Want to get bigger? We have a month dedicated to maximum mass building. Leaner? We’ve got a stage devoted to getting you ripped for the beach. You’ll also have the opportunity to train for pure strength gains and sport-specific power.

Best of all, while our plan is designed to be followed month after month, it does allow a certain degree of flexibility. If you take a break from training along the way, or you want to try one of our other monthly workouts, that’s OK. You can go your own way for a few weeks and then simply return to the next phase of the Yearlong Program when you’re ready.

Bear in mind, however, that the only way you’ll get optimal results is by following these workouts in the listed order from start to finish.

Phase I

Phase VI

Phase II

Phase VII

Phase III

Phase VIII

Phase IV

Phase IX

Phase V

Phase X


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