2016’s Trends for Men, According to Pinterest

The future of fitness, nutrition, style, and travel, predicted by Pinterest.
The future of fitness, nutrition, style, and travel, predicted by Pinterest.Getty

2015 was the year of Steph Curry, the selfie stick, and high top shoes. But in a world of ever changing preferences, trends rarely sustain their popularity year-to-year. When it comes to spotting what will be hot for the next 12 months, photo-sharing site Pinterest is one of the best tools around to see what has buzz. With the help of the Pinterest 100 for 2016, the top 100 trending pictures as we head into the new year, here are the trends every man should know.

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Gear: DIY Drones
As the presence of drones continues to help the world make better adventure videos (among doing other things), catching everything on camera from a birds-eye view is only getting more popular. Only, in 2016, people are going to be building their drones rather than settling for high-priced ones that come out of a box.

Fitness: Chiseled Backs
While a balanced workout is the best way to go, look for back workouts to get increased attention in 2016. That's not an excuse to skip leg day, but it is a good reason to throw an extra set of kettlebell rows into your routine. For starters, Men's Journal has you covered with the only five moves you need for a healthy back.

Adventure: Travel Tattoos
The U.S. dollar keeps improving against the Euro, making travel to those old-world destinations more accessible than ever. And while tattoos are also on the rise, many travelers, rather than settling for a backpack patch and some Instagram photos, are getting ink to commemorate their adventures. 

Style: Stan Smiths
According to Pinterest's data, your next pair of sneakers might be Adidas's classic Stan Smith tennis shoes. There have been a few spikes in interest in Sam Smiths over the years (Jay Z gave a shout out to the shoe), but for 2016, watch for Stan Smiths to take over the footwear market like it's 1980. And this time, they will come in every color imaginable, not just white.

Nutrition: Avocado Oil
Every superfood seems to have its 15 minutes of fame. Coconut oil saw a boost the past couple of years because of good cholesterol and a reduced risk of heart disease, but in 2016, says Pinterest, avocado oil will take over. With high levels of vitamin E, unsaturated fats, potassium, and the most protein of all the fruits, it's easy to see why.

Home: Geometric Tiles
Linoleum and laminate floors have had their day, and 2016 will be the year of the geometric tile. Think patterns reminiscent of 3-D shapes, where simplicity and repetition are key. Once relegated solely to bathroom and kitchen floors, expect geometric tiles to take over other areas of the house, and not just on the ground.

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