The 21-Day Shred: Five Workouts to Save Your Gains for Life

Many of you may be wondering, ‘What do I do after The 21-Day Shred?’ Well, aside from being dedicated and commited to staying in sick shape 24/7, 365… you’ll need the actual workouts to do it. And while you can recirculate through The Shred over and over again, it’s good to change the stimulus up a bit. You can keep going hard, but pulled back a bit, just to let the body recoup. The Shred is demanding on the body and head, and the diet likely really put your willpower to the test. 

These five workouts will keep your body in check. They’re your new go-to. Have a busy next couple months? Not quite as much energy lately? Or, maybe you’re just not ready for another Shred yet? Well, here’s your Post-Shred plan. 

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The Lower Body Muscle Standard Workout
* Complete this once per week – Monday

The Upper Body Muscle Standard Workout
* Complete this once per week – Tuesday

The Cardio and Core Upkeep Workout
* Complete this once per week – Thursday

The Weekend Warrior Workout
* Complete this once per week – Saturday

The Total Body Reset Workout
* Complete this every 4th week for 3 non-consecutive days; Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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