The 21-day Shred: Frequently Asked Questions


#1. How to adjust and adapt the program if you prefer, or are only able to, work out in the morning.

As it’s written, The 21-Day Shred starts with Morning Grinder routines that are quick, minimal equipment/bodyweight workouts done on an empty stomach, or in a fasted state to help accelerate the fat loss process. Your main, muscle-building workouts are done later in the day.

If you’re unable to follow the program’s current structure, it’s not the end of the world.

Here is your revised game plan:

1. Do the main workouts in the morning. Transform the Morning Grinders into a Workout Finisher(s) and either complete all of them or one or two of them after your main workout.
2. Swap Meal 2 and Meal 5. (This way you’re consuming the post-workout food you need after the workout).

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