The 21-Day Shred: the Total Body Reset Workout

MEN’S FITNESS digital director Mike Simone demonstrates the routine. For more magazine insider info, follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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Complete this workout every 4th week on 3 nonconsecutive days; Monday, Wednesday, Friday

1. Static pull up, 5 sets to failure (slight pause at the top)
2. Barbell squat pauses, 5 sets of 8
3. Dumbbell bench press, 5 sets of 8
4. Cable flye, 5 sets of 8
5. Dumbbell side lateral raise, 5 sets to failure
6. Alternating dumbbell hammer curl, 5 sets of 8
7. Cable pushdown, 5 sets of 8
8. Planks, 5 sets to failure