3 Badass Gyms You Didn’t Know Were Gyms


These three places may not strike you as a normal place to get your workout in, but if you want to be outdoors and change it up a littte, they could just be perfect for you.

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Parking Garages!

The upper floors are more than likely unused, says Julian Daigre, who, with partner Austin Raye, has become an Instagram sensation for finding spots for functional fitness in unlikely places.

Do short hill sprints on the ramps, broad jump across parking lines, and use railings for modified pushups and vaults.

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Bike Racks!

The world’s best makeshift parallel bars are great for dips, abdominal knee and leg raises, and incline and decline pushups.

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Museum Stairs!

Adding stairs to your workout—whether it’s lunges, squat jumps, or bear crawls—works different muscles from if you’re exercising on level ground. Also, because they’re designed to be easy to climb, museum stairs aren’t steep, so they’re more versatile than the usual stairwell variety.

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