3-Minute Fit Test: Body Weight Ego-Buster

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Find yourself bored heading into the gym day and and day out? Ever look for a way to gauge your fitness level besides how much weight you can lift? We asked Jay Cardiello, celebrity strength and conditioning specialist, to create another quick 3-minute challenge. And remember, Jay is 39 years old and has had 13 major surgeries, two of which were spinal fusions, so there’s no reason you can’t reach his fitness level.

Here are three more body weight exercises that will test your strength, willpower and put your ego in check.

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Jay Cardiello’s 3-Minute Fitness Test

Complete as many reps of the following exercises as you can in 60 seconds.

1. Wide Grip Pull-Ups

Wide grip pull-ups are a compound body weight exercise with a grip that’s 1.5x your shoulder width, and it will absolutely demolish the outer most parts of your lats. Considering that it’s so much harder than a traditional pull-up, find a bar that curves slightly downward on the ends, you’ll place less strain off your wrists and forearms, potentially enabling you to get a few extra reps. Traditional pull-ups alone are a challenge for many, so good luck with the toughness of the wide grips.

Jay’s Score – 43

2. Side to Side Jumps (over a bench)

Side to side jumps are an explosive sport specific movement for building lateral quickness and power. This protocol is performed by jumping over your standard flat bench. Begin by starting with feet together on either side of the bench, then in one explosive movement, propel your hips laterally over the bench. Upon contact with the ground, create as little amount of absorption with your knees and bounce back to the other side as quickly as possible. Remember, jump for speed, not for height.

Jay’s Score – 65

3. Spider Man Push-Ups

The spider man push-up is not just any push-up, it’s a total body challenge. Contrary to the traditional push-up, the spider man requires lifting your knees up and to the sides which puts your core to the test. Begin in a standard push-up position. As you descend your chest toward the floor (like a regular push-up), lift your right foot off of the ground and drive your right knee out sideways towards your right elbow. Retract back to the original starting position and repeat the same technique, but with your left leg. Your chest, shoulders, triceps and core will be completely shot after this 60-second bout.

Jay’s Score – 65


Cardio CoreJay Cardiello is a strength and conditioning specialist and the author of CARDIO CORE 4X4:The 20-Minute, No-Gym Workout That Will Transform Your Body! available at Amazon.com.

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