3-Minute Fit Test: Pull-Up, Lunge, Press

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Find yourself bored heading into the gym day and and day out? Ever look for a way to gauge your fitness level besides how much weight you can lift? Well, we asked Jay Cardiello, celebrity strength and conditioning specialist and the man behind 50 Cent’s jacked physique, to create another quick 3-minute challenge. And remember, Jay is 39 years old and has had 13 major surgeries, two of which were spinal fusions, so there’s no reason you can’t reach his fitness level.

Did you miss Jay’s first 3-minute fitness test? Don’t forget to give it a go. Here’s three more body weight exercises that will test your strength and willpower.

Jay Cardiello’s 3-Minute Fitness Test

Complete as many reps of the following exercises as you can in 60 seconds.

1. Pull-Ups (Hands Shoulder Width Apart)

Can be considered the most basic test of upper body strength. The pull-up is an anywhere, anytime type of exercise that recruits and builds an array of muscles, which include: the latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, deltoids, pectoralis, brachialis and triceps. The average man should be able to perform between 1 – 5 pull-ups. You should aim much higher.

Jay’s Score – 42

2. Switching Lunge Jumps

Bigger, faster and stronger is what you will achieve by asking your legs to perform this explosive plyometric protocol. Simply stand with your feet in a traditional lunge position—with either your right or left foot forward. Then in one explosive movement, jump—not for height—and switch legs in mid-air, like a scissor. Repeat as many times as possible in 60 seconds. Note: You don’t want to elevate you hips much higher than their original starting position.

Jay’s Score – 100

3. Body Weight Shoulder Presses (Upside Down, Against the Wall)

Many CrossFit die-hards have dubbed this exercise the breaker of will. Not being able to perform one repetition alone could leave you feeling humbled and broken. Start in a head standing position as close as possible to a wall with your legs fully extended with your ankles resting against the wall. A spotter is highly recommended for safety purposes. Press your palms into the floor and drive upward until your elbows are fully extended. Retract and repeat this process as many times as possible. This protocol will tax your energy level quickly, especially since you will be performing this last. Your deltoids, trapezius and rhomboids are the primary movers of this exercise—with your forearms, triceps and core assisting in every possible way to stabilize your body as it rises and falls throughout this movement. 

Jay’s Score – 36


Cardio CoreJay Cardiello is a strength and conditioning specialist and the author of CARDIO CORE 4X4:The 20-Minute, No-Gym Workout That Will Transform Your Body! available at Amazon.com.

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