3 Money-Saving Tips for July


Attack your student debt!

$37,000 is the average debt for the class of 2016, a record. Resist offers to consolidate student loans, however, unless the move will dramatically lower your interest payments. You’ll probably save more money by paying off the highest-rate loan first.

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Eat more oatmeal!

16 cents: for a whole meal. Yes, in a rare instance when “healthy” and “cheap” intersect, it turns
 out that a Men’s Fitness–recommended breakfast, oatmeal, is also incredibly light on your budget. Credit.com pegged the cost at just 16 cents (including milk) if you buy your rolled oats in bulk.

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Buy an old iPhone!

50% is the average discount on the subsidized cost of the previous-generation iPhone when the new one rolls out. Apple is expected to release the next- generation iPhone in September, so if you’d be happy with the 6s, that’s the month to get a deal.

Jack Otter is the author of Worth It…Not Worth It? Simple & Profitable Answers to Life’s Tough Financial Questions.

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