A Better Workout Playlist: These Apps Can Search for Songs by BPM

songs by bpm

Don’t feel like building your own playlist based on beats per minute (BPM)? Don’t worry—there’s an app for that. In particular, these three apps make it easy to collect your favorite tunes, all synced to your ideal workout beat.

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1. RockMyRun

Aimed specifically at runners, this app allows you to pick a music genre and a BPM to match your individual pace.

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2. Pandora

The original free streaming service actually has workout radio stations. You can even enter a BPM into the search function to be directed to the ideal station.

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3. Spring

All you need to do is punch in the type of music you like and start running, cycling, or whatever you enjoy doing. The app then measures, through GPS, which songs make you move the quickest, and keeps you motivated with its curated set.

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