3 New Science-backed Ways to Lose More Weight

Salmon salad
 Sam Kaplan

Whether you’re trying to cut a significant amount of weight, lose the last 10 pounds, or just add the finishing touches to your physique, you’ll benefit from adopting these behaviors. 

1. Have dinner earlier 

Stop eating around mid-afternoon, and don’t start again till morning. “Restricted feeding” cuts appetite and ups fat burning at night, say Pennington Biomedical Research Center researchers.

2. Go low carb once a week

Eating just three low-carb meals in a 24-hour period lowers your insulin resistance, say University of Michigan scientists. This helps your body burn more fat and protects it against high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and diabetes.

3. Pretend you’re watching yourself stuff your face

To drop pounds, try a little mental imagery, says a new report from the University of Aberdeen in Scotland. Seeing yourself from an external perspective could help you put on the brakes.