3 Pro-Level Finance Tips for November

3 Pro-Level Finance Tips for November

You’re a smart dude. So by now, you’ve probably figured out that some buys are a helluva lot more economical at different times of the year. Ever go shopping for a new charcoal grill in October and realize how much cheaper they are compared to in May? You get the idea.

Some trends are a little bit longer-term, however, and you have to dig a little deeper into the data to figure out where the smart money is moving. Fortunately, we’ve done it for you. Here are three key tips to save money now—and into the future.

1. Shop at Whole Foods (seriously)

Not everything at Whole Foods will drain your wallet. Gobankingrates.com reported that many healthy items, including organic milk and almond butter, were actually less expensive there than at regular old grocery stores. (But avoid their meat and fish.)

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2. Bet on homes

Interest rates are near all-time lows and savings accounts are paying zilch, but inves- tors can get income—though it involves taking some risk. Mortgage REITs, which hold portfo- lios of home loans, are cheap relative to their historical prices and pay out about 12%.

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3. Drive? Then keep your credit clean

A Consumer Reports study found that a poor credit score could add $1,300 to a driver’s insurance premium, while a speeding ticket would add only $122 to the annual bill.

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