3 Stretches Every Big Guy Should Know

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Many people think preparation for moving big weights should simply be doing a few moves with smaller weights first. And sure, you might raise your heart rate and warm up your body, but it probably isn’t doing your joints and general movement capacity any favors. If you carry more size than the average dude, it’s important to bridge the gap between a grueling mobility-based warm-up that distracts you from your actual workout and a much needed, specific protocol that provides the most bang for your buck. Here are the moves you should start doing right now.


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Spiderman Walks with Thoracic Rotation

Whether you’re training your upper body or lower body, you need this drill. Big guys often present issues with tight hips and bad rotation at the mid back. Doing this drill hits everything and can refer itself to better shoulder health in the process. Remember to reach straight upward, and not behind you.

Shoulder Dislocates

Large deltoids and tight pecs can really compromise a lifter’s shoulder mobility, and it’s good to remember that the shoulder joint is a ball-and-socket makeup. That means it should have the biggest range of motion of any joint in our body. If we struggle to get our arms overhead or behind us without compensating to do it, it’s important we address this. The shoulder dislocate creates a dynamic stretch that helps release the chest, biceps, and front delt tissue while giving the shoulder joint the chance to pass through a safe range of motion. If using a dowel or broomstick is too restrictive at first, switch to a band so there’s a little bit of “play” room in your range of motion.

Cradle Walks

Through this drill, the internal and external rotators of the thigh get a good dynamic stretch that most other drills tend to miss. When prepping for squats or lunges, these can prove vital and restore the general health of the hip capsule as a result.

Remember to Get to the Point

The point of a workout is to actually work out. Getting caught up in corrective measures and preparation tools can be a big distraction from the stuff that will actually get you the results you seek. We're not saying to blow through them — we're saying they don't have to be saved until you head to the gym. Do them when you wake up or take a break and knock 'em out in your office. If you have an office job, or carry a lot of muscle, chances are you need these moves, and your body will thank you for taking the time.


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General Mobility Circuit

If you realized from reading this article that you’re a ball of stress and tight muscles, solving your issues may require a little more detail. In that case, hit the gym for 15 minutes on an off day just once per week, and put yourself through this circuit.

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