3 Unique Weighted Abs Exercises That’ll Crush Your Core

Abs slam 1280
Marius Bugge

Sculpt the six-pack you’ve always wanted using these core-centric moves from Firdose Khan, head trainer at Nine Innovations athlete training facility in Houston, who’s helped whip the U.S. national soccer team and the Argentina rugby squad into shape.

1. Overhead side-to-side slam

Lift a non­-bouncy medicine ball overhead, pivot to one side, and throw the ball to the floor. Pick the ball up and alternate sides—that’s one rep. Perform for reps.

Pro tip: “Keep your chest up as you slam the ball as hard as you can,” Khan says.

2. Overhead barbell situp

Lie face-up on the floor holding a barbell above your chest with a wide, overhand grip and feet spread apart and secure. Do a situp, and finish with the bar overhead and your torso perpendicular to the floor.

Pro tip: “Drive through your heels, and keep your arms extended the entire time,” Khan says.

3. Side-plank and band row

Take a side­-plank position in front of an anchor point with a band attached; grab the band with your top hand and do one­-arm rows.

Pro tip: “Stay straight as an arrow, and squeeze your glutes,” Khan says.

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