3 Workouts to Maintain Your Body This Summer

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It’s a common dilemma: Summer is the time you want your body to be in peak condition; but it’s also the time when it’s most tempting to skip a workout (or three) and go overboard on BBQ, beer, and… more beer. At this point, you’ve probably already put in a ton of work in the gym on the front end to get tank top-worthy arms and abs you’re happy to show off at the beach. Now is the time to maintain it without skipping all the fun summer has to offer.

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These three workouts, from Joel Sanders, Performance Coach at EXOS, will help you do just that. Even better: They don’t require any equipment at all. So, alternate between these routines three days a week, taking one rest day in between each, and keep your body in check all season long.

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Workout #1

Circuit 1: 2-4 sets

1.    Alternating Reverse Lunge x 8-12 each leg
2.    1 Leg Plank Hold x :15 seconds each leg
3.    Base Rotations x :15 seconds

Circuit 2: 2-4 sets
1.    Lateral Lunges x 8-10 each leg
2.    Side Plank Hold x :20-:30 seconds
3.    Burpee x 8-10

Circuit 3: 3-5 sets
1.    T-Pushups x 3-5 each way
2.    Seal Jacks x :20-:30 seconds
3.    Running Man x :20-:30 seconds

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Workout #2

Circuit 1:
1. Swimmers x 8-12
2. Single Leg Glute Bridge Hold x :15-:20 seconds
3. Forward Lunge + Reverse Lunge (Back and Forth = 1 rep) x 4-6 each leg

Circuit 2: 2-4 sets
1. 3 Position Pushup Hold x :05-:10 seconds each position
2. Side Plank with Rotations x 8-10 each side
3. Prison Squat Hold x :05 seconds (x 5 reps)

Circuit 3: 3-5 sets
1. Plank with Side to Side Hop x 8-10 each side
2. Skater Hops x 15-20 each side
3. Skipping x :30 seconds

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Workout #3

Circuit 1: 2-3 sets
1. Y,T,W Hold x :10 seconds each position
2. Pogos Skier Side to Side x :15-:20 seconds

Circuit 2: 2-4 sets
1. Droptstep Lunge x 8-12 each leg
2. Diamond Pushups x Max
3. Burpee with Frog Jump x 8-10

Circuit 3: 2-4 sets
1. Alternating Forward Lunge x 8-12 each leg
2. Plank with Arm Lift x 6-10 each arm
3. V-Up Abs x 8-12

Big Fun Finisher
1. Oblique Knee Tuck – Pushup Position x 10,8,6,4,2
2. Squat Jumps x 10,8,6,4,2
*Do 10 Knee Tucks each side, then 10 squat jumps, then 8 knee tucks, 8 squat jumps, until you get to 2 of each

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