30 Damn Good Reasons You Should Pick up the October 2016 Issue of Men’s Fitness


Our October 2016 issue is packed with fitness, nutrition, sex—and more—tips to help you improve every area of your life. From study-backed nutrition intel to fitness advice straight from cover guy Kevin Hart’s trainer, there are tons of reasons to pick up the issue once it stands on 9/12.

In fact, there are 30. Check out what’s inside the issue, then head to the newsstand or download the issue on the app at mensfitness.com/gettheissue.

1. See how much cardio you need each week to keep your heart at its healthiest.

2. Learn how lifting lighter may be your best training plan.

3. Have gut problems from gluten, but don’t have celiac disease? Discover how it might not be all in your head. 

4. You’re probably misinterpreting her signals: Read how women want sex just as much as you do. 

5. Learn how to become Lord of the Coals with our BBQ hacks. 

6. Find out how to get the most from pyramid training (because you’re likely doing it wrong).

7. Meet your new favorite (healthy!) tailgate treat: buffalo cauliflower. 

8. Sweat smarter and see how mobility balls can lead to greater gains. 

9. Trick yourself into eating more veggies and learn how to cut rice calories in half.

10. How to approach the hot girl in a fitness class, per an instructor that’s seen it all.

11. Gain some wisdom from the Obi-Wan Kanobi of men’s tailoring. 

12. Read how Mark Cuban came to rule the Mavs, the Shark Tank, and the world at large.

13. We get you up close and personal with the brand-new Corvette Stingray.

14. Discover a crucial gameplay tip for Mafia III.

15. Get a glimpse of some stink-proof workout gear for life’s stickiest situations. 

16. Find out how to dominate Fantasy Football via ex-Bronco Nate Jackson’s insider tips. 

17. Groom your way to ultimate freshness with our top-rated products. 

18. Learn how to live with your girlfriend.

19. Check out our favorite blenders; then, choose the one that’s best for you.

20. See how to rock a sharper varsity jacket (the new old school), a bolder overcoat, and more. 

21. Check out how you can pull off a $21,000 designer look for about $20,000 less. 

22. Meet the dreamers and doers who own 2016 (a.k.a. our Game Changers). 

23. Read how Kevin Hart plans to become the next action hero. 

24. Discover how you can corral the most nutrient-packed superfoods to make mega-healthy meals. 

25. Learn whether there’s an NFL combine in your future, if there’s a quick way to scrub up your Converse, and how to have amazing sex if you’re not well-endowed.

26. You can try the very same workout that transformed Kevin Hart into the muscled man you see on our magazine cover. 

27. See how you can make unforgettable ab-friendly meals in the time it takes you to read the article.

28. Put our revved-up circuit routine to the test and lose your gut.

29. Read an inspiring weight loss transformation story from one of our readers. 

30. Check out how BCAAs can take your performance to the next level.

Stoked? Damn right you are. Download the October 2016 issue now at mensfitness.com/gettheissue.

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