31 Damn Good Reasons You Should Pick up the July/August 2016 Issue of Men’s Fitness


Our July/August 2016 issue is packed with fitness, nutrition, sex—and more—tips to help you improve every area of your life. From study-backed nutrition intel to fitness advice straight from cover guy Chris Pine’s trainer, there are tons of reasons to pick up the issue once it stands on 6/27.

In fact, there are 31. Check out what’s inside the issue, then head to the newsstand or download the issue on the app at mensfitness.com/gettheissue.

1. See how one minute of all-out exercise can equal 45 minutes of moderate work.

2. Learn if aspirin really can cure everything and how BPA may be lowering your sperm count. 

3. Read what the “underwater resistance” is all about; and check out the coolest foldable commuter bike. 

4. Find out which is healthier to eat and cook with: butter or vegetable oil.

5. This is why you should sleep on important decisions, how chocolate helps you snooze, and what to do when you’re depressed.

6. Check out the guy’s guide to grilling, getaways, gear, and more. 

7. Find the must-read summer books of 2016. 

8. Learn how to mix weightlifting and cardio—once and for all.

9. Learn how to make the best dishes for hiking, biking, and long days at the beach.

10. You can ace all your summer cookouts with this recipe—which is far healthier and faster than your average BBQ bird.

11. Find out how to survive a BBQ without feeling deprived. 

12. Break all your personal bests with this lifting technique. Hint: Screw it!

13. Next-level trackers that are worth the investment.

14. Get some guy wisdom from Dale Earnhardt Jr. 

15. Things to know before bringing a girl to your buddy’s wedding. 

16. Cheers the Olympics by mixing up one of these South American-inspired cocktails. 

17. Check out the coolest new Range Rover. 

18. Make these upgrades for sweat-proof summer essentials. 

19. Save your skin this summer with these effective heat shields. 

20. How to hack a $6K ensemble for $5K less. 

21. Here’s how to make three kick-ass dishes using only the ingredients in your fridge right now. 

22. Sort out your personal finances with the most millennial-friendly apps. 

23. Learn the seven rules to room service before your next trip.

24. Sculpt lean muscle at warp speed with Chris Pine’s get-big routine. 

25. See how to use hard cider to make fat-burning, muscle-building meals. 

26. This is how to combine CrossFit-style moves with a classic bodybuilding routine. 

27. Read how Stark Trek Beyond’s Chris Pine stays Command Deck-ripped. 

28. Check out a dispatch from the weird, wonderful world of virtual reality fitness. 

29. Take a look at how the U.S. Olympic Team has trained and fueled their near-superhuman bodies.

30. Can the Keto Diet save your life? Find out the truth about the world’s most cutting-edge fat-burning performance eating plan. 

31. Take notes on how to prepare the perfect bison burger, how to talk to that hot girl in hot yoga, and what to do about your back-hair situation.

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