32 Damn Good Reasons You Should Pick up the June 2016 Issue of MEN’S FITNESS

32 Damn Good Reasons You Should Pick up the June 2016 Issue of MEN’S FITNESS

Our June 2016 issue is packed with fitness, nutrition, sex—and more—tips to help you improve every area of your life. From study-backed nutrition intel to fitness advice straight from cover guy Zac Efron, there are tons of reasons to pick up the issue once it stands on Monday, May 23.

In fact, there are 32 reasons. Check out what’s inside the issue, then head to the newsstand or download the issue on the app.

1. Find out if sushi is the secret to healthy living—and a longer life.

2. Box your way to a smaller waist; and the latest (nerve-wracking) science on HIIT.

3. Get another excuse to have sex: It helps your prostate!

4. Create a filling, muscle-building “bowl meal,” discover the best breakfast for weight loss, and how to feel the “pulse.”

5. Find out how love can suck you dry, and why pot is worse than alcohol.

6. See how every meal can sizzle with these lean recipes and tips.

7. Having a difficult time bulking up? Then the hardgainer’s guide to building muscle is for you.

8. Get the inside story on how on-screen vampire Ashley Greene tapped into her dark side for her new role in Rogue on TV. 

9. Read Matt Bomer’s thoughts on football and fatherhood.

10. Meet the M2 Coupé.

11. Be bold and book one of these rock climbing trips this summer.

12. Car camping? Going backcountry? Here’s what you need.

13. Check out wearables for the next-level athlete. 

14. Learn the origins of summer’s hottest cocktail, the Moscow Mule. 

15. How keeping up on the news can change your work, love, and social life. Really. 

16. So you work with Attila the Boss. Here’s how to succeed in spite of him/her.

17. Browse the best box subscription services you’ll actually use.

18. Learn the secret to pulling off bright colors.

19. Take a look at the sleekest watches for any occasion.

20. Hit “refresh” with summer’s coolest new scents. 

21. Shop the best hoodie—ever—modeled on actor and World of Warcraft fiend Rob Kazinsky. 

22. See how Zac Efron has transformed himself into—what his Baywatch co-star Dwayne Johnson puts it—an “animal” devoted to staying in peak condition.

23. Get the recipes for fresh, hearty salads even the hardcore muscleheads won’t be able to resist.

24. Take our master class in keeping your cool from rage-fighting therapist Mitch Abrams who helps NFL stars and death-row inmates get a grip on their anger.

25. Learn from the successes of today’s ageless pros who are achieving athletic immortality. 

26. Get the answers: Is canoeing for wimps? What’s the best way to catch an MLB homer? Could soda sex get even hotter?  

27. Take a shot at Zac Efron’s very own Baywatch-priming workouts. 

28. Make these protein-packed sandwich combos you can eat anywhere, anytime.

29. Check out the simplest way to build the upper body of your dreams. 

30. Learn the right way to drink and eat your way to a trimmer body. 

31. Find out how to build a stronger deadlift and bigger back. 

32. Check it out: Mark Wahlberg wants to help you in your supplement search. 

Stoked? Download the June 2016 issue now.

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