36 Damn Good Reasons You Should Pick up the April 2016 Issue of MEN’S FITNESS

 Doug Inglish

Our April 2016 issue is packed with fitness, nutrition, sex—and more—tips to help you improve every area of your life. From study-backed nutrition intel to fitness advice straight from cover guy Joe Manganiello, there are tons of reasons to pick up the issue once it stands on March 21st. In fact, there are 36 solid reasons. Check out what’s inside the issue below, then head to the newsstand (you can try The Men’s Fitness Newsstand Workout to help you get there) or download the issue on the app here.

1. Find out the surprising percentage of people who have had sex at the gym.

2. Learn when to eat carbs to burn more fat; and genius problem solvers for workout dilemmas.

3. Find out if your smoothie is a sugar bomb.

4. Learn whether or not men actually like smart women.

5. Get tips for how to pull off a stylish bright belt. 

6. Learn how to tell if your pet actually does love you.  

7. Get new running shoes that leave all the others in the dust.

8. FInd out where to buy the most nutrition-packed hot sauces. 

9. Get the trick to “easy” gains.

10. Find out everything you need to know about destination marathons.

11. Learn how to build brute strength with just a sandbag. 

12. Read about one woman who went on 52 dates in a year.

13. Check out our interview with Aaron “Yeah, Bitch!” Paul.

14. Check out Lucifer’s Tom Ellis’ awesome trench coat.   

15. Get the perfect jacket for your new red-letter away-game look.

16. Find new hair products that volumize and even grow thinning hair.

18. Read our interivew with Legends of Tomorrow’s supernatural stunner Caity Lotz.

19. Get four last-minute (totally legit!) tax dodges. 

20. Find out how to game Amazon for greater savings. 

21. Read about Joe Manganiello’s new wife, new movie, and staggering new set of fitness goals. 

22. Scope the best new bikes—and the best new gear—for burning up the open road, shredding down single tracks, or simply cruising your way to work. 

23. Read our interview with Mets captain David Wright to find out how he learns to play—and prep—for baseball all over again after a diagnosis of spinal stenosis.

24. Learn how to cook up the most adventurous ab-friendly burgers ever. 

25. Find out how to rock a navy blazer for every occasion courtesy of Blake Jenner, star of the new baseball comedy Everybody Wants Some.

26. Get a new excuse to down a few beers thanks to New Belgium Brewing Company’s ultrafit employees.

27. Find out how you can hide treasures from a burglar

28. Get tips for how not to strike out with a date.

29. Learn how to go sockless on the job.

30. Get tips for trying something kinky in the sack.

31. Find out how to rip up your core without tearing up your lower back.

32. Learn how to turn your blender into an ultrafast, healthy meal maker.

33. Get the four-week program that’ll stimulate every muscle fiber in your arms.

34. Learn three strategies to get enough protein.

35. Find out the top reasons to get juiced up on pomegranates.

36. Pick out your next adventure from these five things to do in the great outdoors in April.

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