4 Baseball Drills to Improve Your Base Running Skills

Base running rotator

Just because your fantasy team didn’t make it to the playoffs doesn’t mean your own baseball season is over. Enhance your speed and agility as you round the bases by practicing these four essential base running drills, a workout devised by seasoned college coach Eric Bunnell for Stack.com. 

Check out these four essential skills, then Get the Drill at Stack.com:

1. Ground Ball Reads: Anytime a player can eliminate the need for a sacrifice bunt to preserve an out, it’s a huge advantage for the offense. Consider the benefit for your team if you habitually advanced from first base to third through a series of steals. 

2. Dirt Ball Reads: When a pitcher throws a ball in the dirt, take advantage of the opportunity by stealing an extra base. If a ball skips away from the catcher, runners must take advantage of the situation by advancing. The trouble lies with in-between balls, those that stray out of the batter’s box but not out of the dirt circle. This is where a little anticipation comes in handy. Know the count, the situation, where the other runners are and what they may be thinking. If it’s a breaking ball count (0-2, 1-2, even 1-1), expect a ball in the dirt and take an extra step toward the next base. 

3. Tennis Ball Drop: Obviously, there is no better way to improve your stealing skills than to face a pitcher practicing his pickoff moves. However, this opportunity isn’t always available. When a pitcher isn’t available, use the Tennis Ball Drop drill to improve your reaction time. 

4. Resistance Steal Breaks: When it comes to stealing, your first step is your most important. This drill can be done with a tennis ball, a live pitcher or verbal signals. 

Got some extra time to practice? Build endurance and lean mass with this our Five-Tool Baseball Player Workout.  

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