4 Moves to Build Monstrous Traps

Fit Man
Christopher Malcolm / Getty Images

It’s winter, and that means more layers, baggier clothes, and looser fits. But everyone needs to look a little larger than they are, and a good way to show off your body is with bigger traps—especially when it’s cold outside. Here are four moves you must use to blast your traps.

1. Dork Row

Stand holding two dumbbells at your sides. Keep your shoulder blades down and draw your elbows up and back as high as you can, pause, and slowly return to the start position. This hits the entire trap hard, vs. the traditional shrug which only gets the upper traps.

2. Cable Face Pull

Attach a rope attachment to the high pulley of a cable station. Grasp it overhand, as in a triceps extension, sit your hips back, and pull the cable to the bridge of your nose. Pause, then slowly return to the start position. This dynamic move has huge benefits for both the traps and the rear delts, and also helps to stabilize shoulders and improve posture.

3. Wide-Grip Upright Row

Grasp a barbell with a palms-down grip, hands slightly outside shoulder-width. Pull the barbell up until your upper arms are just below level with your shoulders. Slowly return to the start position. It’s a great delt developer with secondary trap involvement.

4. Single-Arm Neutral-Grip Standing Dumbbell Press

Grasp a dumbbell in your right hand and hold it at your shoulder. With your hand facing your ear, press the dumbbell up, keeping your elbow pointed straight ahead. Slowly return to the start position.

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