4 Weird Exercises: Functional or Just Funny?

4 Weird Exercises: Functional or Just Funny?

There’s nothing wrong with getting innovative in the weight room. After all, the same old thing can get tedious day in and day out. The industry needs visionaries and game changers, but before you decide to be the Steve Jobs of weight lifting, let’s weigh in on whether these hoists of iron are functional, funny, dangerous or all of the above.

The Reverse Deadlift

Aside from his arms looking about ready to rip out of their sockets and a lower back that could buckle any minute, this reverse deadlift does look like it could develop some killer hip flexors. This might even be the dawn of a new sex position.

MF Rating: Funny, but dangerous. Do yourself a favor and don’t try this one at home.

The Suitcase Deadlift

A deadlift with two barbells looks pretty hardcore. The weight is being distributed to four different points and stability is an absolute must. Not quite the funniest when executed properly, but certainly would be once any of the plates starts teetering.

MF Rating: Functional, safe but the slightest mistake could be very embarrassing (and dangerous for that dog walking by). Stick to a traditional deadlift and don’t risk looking like an idiot.

The Four-Arm Bench Press

Nothing beats a team player as a training partner. Showing how much you care for your partner’s progress is an admirable thing, but sweaty, greasy hair in the mouth is anything but motivating.

MF Rating: Funny, not very functional, not particularly dangerous and, again, the dawn of a new sex position. If you do decide to give this a go, make sure your partner is perspiration-free, recently got a buzz cut and the relationship is platonic.

The Jefferson Lift

We’re not certain when in your life you’d have to pick anything up like this, but this movement does look like it could add some variety if the stance is switched in between sets. The bigger challenge would be keeping a straight face when your workout pal is reppin’ them out.

MF Rating: Mildly functional, safe (unless you get overzealous on the lift and crush your jewels) and funny.

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