This 4-Year-Old Is All of Us at the Gym Right Now


In a YouTube video that’s going viral, four-year-old Brody Lee Smith of Washington is shown working through a pretty serious workout.

Why? He reasons that if he “gets bigger,” then he will win over his crush and be her “best friend.”

His mother, Jenna Smith, asks for a further explanation, to which Brody tells her that his crush has been “rude” to him.

“All day she’s been rude!” he exclaims. “So, I’m trying to get stronger so she can like me and [we] can be best friends!”

As he moves from the stationary bike, to the elliptical, to an exercise ball for some quick crunches, he explains to his mother that he also wants to be “stronger than that big guy”—a kid who is apparently the competition for his muse’s attention. 

“A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do,” he said.

We couldn’t agree more, Brody.

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