9 Workout Programs That Build Rock Hard Muscle

9 Workout Programs That Build Rock Hard Muscle

You’ve been saying it all year along: “I’m going to really get myself in great shape this year,” or “I really need to get myself BACK in great shape this year,” or “I’m completely bored with my training, I need something new.” Lucky for you, we’ve got all of those minor issues covered.

The New Year Redemption Plan (5 workouts)
Motivation is the engine to success, and that’s true for everything in life. You can have all the talent in the world, but without the will to put in the hard work and long hours, there’s no way you’ll succeed. The Redemption Plan isn’t just a series of workouts, it might just be the shot of motivation and inspiration you need. To view the overview and learn about the program, go to MENSFITNESS.com/Redemption

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The 21-Day Shred Winter 2016 Update (includes five new maintenaince workouts, plus a completely overhauled iOS app for an even easier user-experience)
There’s no doubt about it, The 21-Day Shred is aggressive. Short workouts in the morning, full length workouts after work, with plenty of high-intensity cardio and hardcore lifting. (Not to mention, there’s the  low carb diet.) One of the most popular rapid weight-loss programs, just got a new face lift, and a series of five new workouts you can use once you’ve finished The Shred. For more details on the app update and new workouts, go to MENSFITNESS.com/AfterShred

More programs to get you through the year:

The Winter Bulk Up (6 workouts)
We get it, not everyone is trying to shred. Some just want to stack on slabs of meat to their bones. In fact, it may even be a smart idea to switch over to a bulking plan from time to time. For more on how to gain some serious mass, go to MENSFITNESS.com/BulkUp (beware: there are two leg days. Well, two of everything.)

Holiday Gut Checks (8 workouts)
Parties, holidays, travel, a jam-packed schedule, or short attention span, the Gut Checks are your solution. There’s some bodyweight stuff, some plyos, and some free weights. A little bit of everything. But they’re also only about 15-20 minutes. To watch the entire Gut Check series (8 workouts), go to MENSFITNESS.com/GutCheckWorkouts

The Inner Beasts (3 workouts)
Ever have one of those days you’re just so incredibly fired up? Like, fired up pissed, or fired up energized? Either way, those are the perfect days to go to the gym like a god-damn lunatic. To view the Inner Beast series, go to MENSFITNESS.com/BeastWorkouts

The Elimination Series (3 workouts)
It’s a known fact that spot reduction isn’t possible. Your genetics are going to influence where fat loss happens first, but if your muscular development is lacking in some areas, it’s possible to muscle produce. This series demonstrates workouts that target the most troublesome of areas: man boobs, love handles, and chicken legs. To view The Elimination Workouts, go to MENSFITNESS.com/EliminationWorkouts

The Specifics (6 workouts)
Sometimes all a workout program or routine needs to take things to the next level is a small change. The Specifics provide a series of exercises you may not have in the regular rotation. Every body part is covered, and all exercises are demonstrated by five social media fitness influencers. To view The Specifics series, go to MENSFITNESS.com/TheSpecifics

The Muscle Shockers (3 workouts)
Speaking of changes, sometimes it takes a bit more than just swapping exercises. Ever stop getting sore after a workout? Maybe even start to go backwards? A muscle shocker may be in order. The Muscle Shocker’s are a series of special techniques or strategies to stimulate the muscle fibers. This could be thanks to the collection of exercises, the rep scheme, rep speed, etc. For more information on The Muscle Shockers, go to MENSFITNESS.com/MuscleShockers

The Dude Workouts (4 workouts)
Hate training alone? Fair enough. The Dude Workouts are a series of routines that are combined to form one program. Throughout the workouts you will be put head-to-head against your partner, or in a position of supporting one another. The Dude Workouts are also demonstrates by social media fitness influencers. To view the workouts, go to MENSFITNESS.com/DudeWorkouts

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