The 440-rep Blood-pumping Arm Workout

Here’s the truth: if you’re going to the gym for an “arms” workout, chances of it being anywhere remotely close to the brutality of a “squat” or ‘deadlift” day is highly unlikely. You couldn’t compare the two, right?

Most of the time, “arms” days are reserved for when you’re either a) beat up from the rest of the week or workouts, or b) for pure entertainment purposes, you want to see just how gigantic you can make them look in under 20 minutes. Regardless if you’re in the “a” or “b” situation—this one’s for you. And you might even be surprisingly wishing you were squating instead… OK, maybe not.

This routine will blow your arms up with just two moves. Prepare for battle.


1. Find a weight you can complete between 15-20 repetitions of the dumbbell curl and dumbbell skullcrusher.

2. Perform a set of dumbbell curls for 15 repeitions, and then a set of 15 dumbbell skullcrushers shortly thereafter.

3. Then do 14 reps of each move, 13 reps of each move, and so on until you get down to 5 reps.

4. After reaching 5 reps, work your way back up, one rep at a time to 15 reps of curls and 15 reps of skullcrushers.

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